Globalists Fail in Their October Surprises

Globalists Fail in Their October Surprises – But Patriots will not fail in their November surprise come this November 6th.

Continue your citizen education and undo all that Tavistock brainwashing. This is what is really going on:

Christopher Wray pussy hat

Live Action False Flag. Watch Rogue CIA Work Through FBI to Terrorize Americans

Clegg and queen


Who are the GLOBALIST ENEMIES of America?

Sir Nick Clegg was Lord President of the Privy Council and worked closely with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie in communications and trade

Queen’s Privy Council Infiltrates Facebook


Brainwash eyes

What is Brainwashing?

Sidenote: the Tavistock Institute had been doing this long before the Korean War, but the video is still relevant. We have all been brainwashed about many things and by all kinds of actors.

For example, people may experience brainwashing from their beloved religious institutions. Many of us have been totally indoctrinated by the K-12 public school system.

You have been brainwashed and it is up to YOU to wake up.

This is what it means to be “asleep”. It starts early in life and continues throughout school, is rampant throughout corporate media programming, and, now, is so widespread that even our elected representatives are still asleep in their brainwashing and play right into the hands of our enslavers without realizing that they are doing so.

What is the Tavistock Institute and why is it in Britain? Why is the Monarch still present in America if we were the victors of the American Revolution? Why is our Constitution in shreds and the rule of law in shambles?

Why do we have any of these in America – Crown Agents, Senior Executive Service, SERCO, the UN, and now a ‘Sir Nick Clegg’ at Facebook setting the stage for British meddling in our election?


5 Dark Things About the Tavistock Institute #NWO#MKultra @Esoteric_ED. Ed pronounces the word as “Travistok” which is probably a nuance in his dialect. If you say the word, please drop the “r” so you don’t sound uninformed.


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  1. Listening to American Intelligence Media is the best antidote for fear. You unravel the false narratives and reveal the back story so well. Thank you!

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