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Trump moves quietly behind the scenes

Behind the scenes major stuff is happening! Listen to Thomas and Betsy discuss three topics and how they relate to getting America back from globalist control.

1) Office of Personnel Management reorganization

2) Visa overstays

3) Mexican remittances and the Federal Reserve – take a seat and a big breath when you hear about this topic!

Trump moves quietly behind the scenes

Bill Preistap testimony reveals Privy Council connections

priestap release
 Edward William Priestap. (Oct. 19, 2018). TRANSCRIPTION Interview of Edward William Priestap, released by Rep. Doug Collins (GA 9th), Committee on the Judiciary, 219 pgs. U.S. House of Representatives.

Reps. Jordan and Meadows got Bill Priestap to tap dance around Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) chiefs Alison Saunders and Arvinder Sambei (aka Arvinda Sambir).

On Sep. 21, 2001, Sambei filed Mueller’s frame up of Lofti Raissi as the supposed trainer of the 9/11 hijackers—all Mueller-Sambir/Sambei allegations were lies

They are covering up the British Privy Council involvement in both 9/11 and the Trump-Russia Hoax, we think.

Edward William Priestap. (Oct. 19, 2018). TRANSCRIPTION Interview of Edward William Priestap, released by Rep. Doug Collins (GA 9th), Committee on the Judiciary, 219 pgs., pp. 102-103. U.S. House of Representatives.

We provide likely words behind the FBI/DOJ obfuscation below.

Priestap 77preistap 77-2preistap 77-3.JPGpreistap-78-1presitap 78-2.JPGpreistap 79-1preistap 80preistap 80-2preistap 81preistap 82.JPGpreistap 83preistap 84-1preistap 84-2.JPG

p. 85, Protecting CPS chief Alison M. Saunders and Arvinder Sambei. That is evident:

Sambei, aka Sambir was Robert Mueller’s UK-based FBI prosecutor during the 9/11 frame up of  Lofti Raissi, ultimately found innocent of all charges that had been brought for the FBI by Arvinda Sambir, aka Arvinder Sambei. That’s why he need to consult with special counsel on p. 86 below.

preistap 85preistap 86.JPGpreistap 87


While you are here:

The AFI researchers have spent many, many days updating the bibliographies in the CRIMELINE. All white hats, patriots, and researchers, please make sure to save a copy. This is truth, with indictable evidence under the hyperlinks, that we do not want to ever be extinguished from our collective human memory. Let’s make sure we have multiple copies, worldwide, for safekeeping.




Does President Trump Know the Queen Spies on him 10,000 Times* More Than the Russians?

Newly uncovered SECRET British War Cabinet Minutes: The Brits combined wireless networks (Marconi), propaganda (Disinformation) and psychiatry (Tavistock) to mass brainwash the public to accept continuous war

British and American banker warlords financed the munitions on both sides and totally manipulated the outcomes, including computer networks for (MI6, MI5, GCHQ, MOD, NSA, C.I.A., FBI, DoD, NASA, Lockheed, Boeing, U.S. Federal Government (SERCO), Navy Space Wars…)

Proof discovered in SECRET records: The Brits even targeted their propaganda on American soldiers & the British public in World Wars I and II

Who “won?” Only the bankers and complicit political and commercial insiders.

No wonder Comey and Mueller love HSBC Bank (London) so much.

100 Years of British Propaganda and War is ENOUGH!!


carson and buchan

Jan. 05, 2019—THE GREAT INFORMATION WAR has been going on since 1914 and is being won by the British who have been propagandizing the world with stolen technology and false narratives so that the world is constantly at war while the royals and banksters continue to make money.

Pictured are just a few of the British Ministry of Information War Cabinet in WWI (1914-1919) who created this 100-year old propaganda war. It is time to finally end it. Now. You can Google these criminals. There is a lot of historical information published about each of them.

*10,000 is metaphorical. No one knows the exact number, but here’s proof that the U.S. and British have exchanged ALL or almost all intelligence since Mar. 05, 1946 with Britain and its Commonwealth Dominions (also attached)—this includes ALL the data on C.I.A.-controlled social media (Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, etc.)

Spread the word and educate and enlighten your circle of influence:

Full story[VIDEO]:

buchan and smuts


100 Years of British Propaganda and War is ENOUGH!!

THE GREAT INFORMATION WAR has been going on since 1914 and is being won by the British who have been propagandizing the world with stolen technology and false narratives so that the world is constantly at war while the royals and banksters continue to make money. Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben zero in on the target and invite all nations and people of the world to counter attack the British propaganda machine.

100 Years of British Propaganda and War is ENOUGH!!


humanity queen tavistock

Continue your citizen education by reading these reports that support everything that Gabriel and McKibben review in the audio above. Then spread this url everywhere you can. This is a global war and patriots can win!

Dethrone the Queen and Shut Down Her Tavistock Surveillance and Propaganda Operations

British Ministry of Defence Uses Meme Propaganda for Recruiting…and they are really, really bad at it.

Does Trump know that the Queen is spying on ALL of us?

How the Brits Tried to Overthrow President Trump

2018: The Year Citizens Busted the Royals for Their Attempted Overthrow of Donald J. Trump

The Miller Act Notice is a HUGE pitchfork against the Globalists



British Ministry of Defence Uses Meme Propaganda for Recruiting…and they are really, really bad at it.

OMG! Can you believe this just emerged in the news cycle today? The British Ministry of Defence is using meme propaganda to get young people to join the army. Apparently everyone is out playing the video game Fortnite and army recruiting is suffering.

The article will have a deeper meaning if you read the one just below to understand how the British have been using propaganda on all of us…for a very long time…to support the bankster wars.

British War Office targeted Americans as propaganda targets during the War

modern british memes

British Army targets ‘snowflakes, binge gamers and me, me, me millennials’ in new recruitment drive

…we still hold firm. The left can’t meme. These memes are so pathetic…no they are awful.

binge gamer poster

Does Trump know that the Queen is spying on ALL of us?

If you thought the first video on this topic was an EYE-OPENER, part 2 will leave you in SHOCK at the sheer truth of it all. Listen to Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel as they continue to peel back the truth of Facebook, Tavistock, and the Crown.

Make sure to check out the links and special notes we have provided under the videos.

Does Trump know that the Queen is spying on all of us? Part 2

Trump exposes Queen Elizabeth’s secret plan to take over the world Part 1

The decision of the War Office to institutionalized The Wellington House that morphed into Tavistock in 1919. See this link: CAB-23-1-75

Marconi scandal

The Wellington House began the day (Aug. 5, 1914) when British navy cut the undersea cable connecting the United States and Germany. British propagandizing of the world (including massive operations in the United States) began that day and continues to this day via its predecessor, The Tavistock Institute. Note in this Sep. 1916 Wellington House report to the War Office, descriptions of their activity in America have been removed by the UK National Archives (in 2018).

Achivist. (Sep. 1916). Third Report on the [propaganda] work conducted for the Government at Wellington House, Signed in 1916 Sept, 124 pp + map, Cat. Ref. CAB 37/156/6. The National Archives. (26.5 MB. This version supplied by The National Archives is missing pp. 8,11,13 and 14, the last 3 all from the US section).[propaganda]-work-conducted-for-the-Government-at-Wellington-House-Signed-in-1916-Sept-124-pp-mapCat-Ref-CAB-37-156-6-National-Archives-Sep-01-1916.pdf

This version of The National Archives version has been compressed, cropped (to remove oversized scanning blank space) and indexed for easy search of the contents.

For example (in the unredacted 125-page document):

Change the names, the activities sound disturbingly contemporary.

introduction wellington house

Our job is too lie:

job is to lie

“… especially in America…” (repeated 3 times in one paragraph)

lie three times

… and yet whole pages of the American report are removed… in 2018! (Perhaps they never stopped. Remember, the Rothschilds owned and operate Reuters (now Reuters-Thompson news service.)

policy of devolution

They did not stop these activities after the war, and in fact, continue them today via the British peers Clegg and Allan who now control Facebook policy worldwide.

remote corners of earth

“… especially in the American pictorial papers…”

illustration propagandacinema.JPGbook distribution

Self deceived: “for the purpose of spreading the truth…”

world wide distribution.JPG

(British-American Tobacco continues to be a worldwide front for C.I.A. and MI6 spying). Today, the “great shipping companies” is now social media

organization of propaganda.JPG

“… nothing to trace it to any Government origin.” (Nothing has changed.)

do not trace back to governmentsliteratureblack list

Targeted decision influencers, not the American public in general. (Notably, these targets continue to support a radical left progressive agenda to this day.)

propaganda universities.JPGgilbert murray

“… have the element of news without the element of direct propaganda.” (Nothing has changed.)

distribute articles

How many of these propaganda “successes” were false flags? The British now admit the Belgian “atrocities” were.

belgian atrocities.jpg

Nothing has changed today with the hard left progressive agenda

prof thayerroyal society of artscinema 2.JPGpress and cinemagilbert parker

Meticulous counting

distributioncentres of distribution

Continue your citizen education!

These are important players, places, and events that citizens around the world need to study. Find out more by going to one of our websites and typing a name, place, or event into the search bar to learn what our researchers have uncovered.

Our massive collection of indictable evidence takes you from the day that James P. Chandler III, the IBM Eclipse Foundation and U.S. Government stole the trade secrets of social media scalability from Leader Technologies…to TODAY where we have disclosed how the Queen controls the world in a sea of Tavistock propaganda.

Do you part as a citizen patriot and find out how your country is ensnared in Her Royal Highness’ royal Gordian Knot. Then educate and enlighten your circle of influence. If we all work together, big and small, we can cut the knot and free ourselves for a world of genuine peace and prosperity.







Stay-Behind Armies and Resistance Operations – Conclave Notes


The grandfather of the guy running Facebook Europe, Baron Richard Allan, was the chief assistant to Sir Ronald.

After the war, Little Ricky’s grandfather then started organizing progressive leftist political groups, including UNESCO and other globalist post-war groups. There’s MUCH more.

These guys all organized the groups that became Cambridge Analytica and the Science Communications Laboratory (SCL)—MIND CONTROL, BRAINWASHING, ELECTION RIGGING.

The FBI is directly associated with one of the groups they formed:

stay behind armiesstay behind armies 2

Sir Ronald Forbes Adam was little Baron Ricky’s grandfather, Frederick Leonard Allan’s, boss that ran the Tavistock Group that turned from military to civilian targets after WWII. Helped form the mind control techniques of the rogue C.I.A. in 1947.

Alice Victoria White. (2015). From the Science of Selection to Psychologising Civvy Street: The Tavistock Group, 1939-1948. University of Kent (UK) Academic Repository.

ronald forbes adam


Churchill and Tavistock War Office screening test batteries instituted by Adjutant General Ronald Forbes Adam, with the help of Baron Ricky’s grandfather Frederick Leonard Allan, who was his Deputy Assistant during most of the war.

FL Allan lived at 34 Cartwright Gardens, just a 4 minute walk from Tavistock House during the war, where the British War Office personnel hiring methodology was being pivoted to heavy focus on psychoanalysis and psychiatry to get inside recruit’s heads (WOSB – War Office Selection Boards) , then turned on the whole army and the public to “improve morale.”

The original mass Memes learned their effectiveness in changing public opinion, used now in social media in fake news. Post-War British and American advertising picked up on these psych-manipulation lessons in spades.

memes from WWII


More about Adjutant-General Ronald Forbes Adams (Frederick Leonard Allan’s boss (Baron Ricky’s grandpa) at the War Office). In fact, as Deputy Assistant, FL Allan would have been the primary staffer responsible to oversee Adams’ policies and orders. In short, he oversaw the transformation of Tavistock into weaponize psychiatry.

Created the War Office Selection Boards: (“Wozbees”)

Wittkower had been passed a copy of the selection methods used by the Wehrmacht, and so Vinden and Wittkower met with psychiatrists Thomas Ferguson RodgerA. T. M. Wilson and Ronald Hargreaves, and the head of Scottish CommandSir Andrew Thorne, who had been military attaché in Berlin in the 1930s and seen the German methods being used. The group made plans to experiment with and adapt these methods for use by the British Army. Army psychiatry was dominated by psychiatrists from the Tavistock Clinic, and so many figures from that organisation were involved in officer selection from the earliest experiments.[5]

Corp of BEF

adams later life

army bureau of current affairs

war office selection boardsbackground


Boom. Done. “[T]hey went on to form the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations after the war.”

Formed by Adams with Allan (Baron Ricky’s grandpa) as his Deputy Assistant

  • British Civil Service
  • OSS (The Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was a wartime intelligence agency of the United States during World War II, and a predecessor of the modern Central Intelligence Agency (CIA))
  • Unilever
  • Commercial
  • Fire
  • Police
  • Etc.

In short, Baron Ricky’s grandpa helped reform the post war Tavistock Institute AND the C.I.A. No wonder he does not talk about his family. His current live-in partner has been the Tavistock liaison in Parliament for more than a decade!



Special Operations Executive (SOE)

British “Spooks-R-Us” is Little Baron Ricky’s family heritage. Now they have full control of Facebook (and Google, and YouTube, and Twitter, yada yada yada)

special operations executive



Note: “Oxbridge” is shorthand for Oxford and/or Cambridge Universities

subsidiary branches.JPGaimssoe 2production and trialssoe 3dissolution 1soe dissolution

OSS disbanded


Little Baron Ricky’s grandpa ran propaganda cover for these stay-behind networks after the war via Tavistock

Tavistock absorbed any war mind bending operation it found useful at the end of the war when the military versions were being disbanded. IT’s “research”
was then distributed into corporations, clandestine intelligence, fire, police.

Alice Victoria White. (2015). From the Science of Selection to Psychologising Civvy Street: The Tavistock Group, 1939-1948. University of Kent (UK) Academic Repository. (Note: Civvy Street is British for Main Street (US), or civilian population or general nonmilitary public)

stay behind structurepost war creation.JPGstay behind armies 3NATO CIAGerman stay behind armiessweden stay behind armiesstrategy of tensionNATO stay behind efforts