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MANDATE to Unseal Summary Judgment Record

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The researchers from Americans for Innovation created this FULLY INDEXED AND SEARCHABLE 160 MB PDF for everyone. Took them most of the day to unpack and process. Please save a copy to your own files.

MANDATE to Unseal Summary Judgment Record, Doc Nos. 977, 978. (Aug. 09, 2019). Giuffre v. Maxwell (incl. Jeffrey Epstein, Julie Brown et al), Case No. 15-cv-07433-LAP (Loretta A. Preska) (SDNY 2015). 160 MB.

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Democrat Skeletons in the Closet

Kamala Harris – More Skeletons in the Closet

Betsy and Thomas tackle four issues today – from Iran to Peter Thiel’s dust up with Google, to the four women of the Democrat apocalypse. But what is really a surprise is what we are finding in Kamala’s family closet of secrets and sins.


The Democrat party is falling apart at the seams. Stay strong, patriots, and have faith in our leader Donald J. Trump. Just follow his tweets as he and Melania lead us to the great American Renaissance.

Extinction Level Event for Democrat Party

Shocking Twin Tower Photos Released

After you view these shocking photos below of the Twin Tower crime scene, you will want to know what really happened on 9-11. Our citizen intelligence report gives you 9-11 truth, not U.S. government sanctioned propaganda.

Treason: Who Terrorized Americans and the World on 9-11?





Shocking Twin Tower pictures. Never seen before.

Trump tweets treason


The FBI Flying Brothel

Betsy and Thomas give you the truth about Epstein, the FBI, the flying brothel, and Bill Clinton is a CHILD rapist.

The FBI Flying Brothel

Here is the flight manifest in a fantastic 78 page searchable document:

Epstein Flight Manifesto

Here are James Comey’s treasonous crimes:

We the People Make Official Charges of 28 Counts of Treason

Learn more about perception management and false flags here:

False Flags are Legal Propaganda



Epstein Flight Manifesto

Nov. 4-9, 2003, Jeffrey Epstein took Bill Clinton & CGI Doug Band from Oslo & Brussels, to Novisibirsk, Russia, then China (Hillary’s PKI digital key repository) . . .  and did not bring Bill back to the US

Sep. 21-Oct. 02, 2002, Epstein took Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey & CGI Doug Band on a junket to Africa

… and then there was Larry Summers & Alan Dershowitz. . . always with unidentified companions . . . did Robert Mueller & James Comey sample the goods too?

clinton epstein.jpg

Epstein Flight Manifests. (Released Jul. 06, 2019). EXHIBIT MM, Epstein v. Bradley J. Edwards, et al., Case No. 50 2009 CA 040800XXXXMBAG, case style also Epstein, Jeffrey V. Rothstein, Scott. U.S. Courts.

Make sure to open and save this 78 page searchable document under the hyperlink above. Americans for Innovation did a great job. Thanks Mike and the team!

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Trump moves quietly behind the scenes

Behind the scenes major stuff is happening! Listen to Thomas and Betsy discuss three topics and how they relate to getting America back from globalist control.

1) Office of Personnel Management reorganization

2) Visa overstays

3) Mexican remittances and the Federal Reserve – take a seat and a big breath when you hear about this topic!

Trump moves quietly behind the scenes

Bill Preistap testimony reveals Privy Council connections

priestap release
 Edward William Priestap. (Oct. 19, 2018). TRANSCRIPTION Interview of Edward William Priestap, released by Rep. Doug Collins (GA 9th), Committee on the Judiciary, 219 pgs. U.S. House of Representatives.

Reps. Jordan and Meadows got Bill Priestap to tap dance around Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) chiefs Alison Saunders and Arvinder Sambei (aka Arvinda Sambir).

On Sep. 21, 2001, Sambei filed Mueller’s frame up of Lofti Raissi as the supposed trainer of the 9/11 hijackers—all Mueller-Sambir/Sambei allegations were lies

They are covering up the British Privy Council involvement in both 9/11 and the Trump-Russia Hoax, we think.

Edward William Priestap. (Oct. 19, 2018). TRANSCRIPTION Interview of Edward William Priestap, released by Rep. Doug Collins (GA 9th), Committee on the Judiciary, 219 pgs., pp. 102-103. U.S. House of Representatives.

We provide likely words behind the FBI/DOJ obfuscation below.

Priestap 77preistap 77-2preistap 77-3.JPGpreistap-78-1presitap 78-2.JPGpreistap 79-1preistap 80preistap 80-2preistap 81preistap 82.JPGpreistap 83preistap 84-1preistap 84-2.JPG

p. 85, Protecting CPS chief Alison M. Saunders and Arvinder Sambei. That is evident:

Sambei, aka Sambir was Robert Mueller’s UK-based FBI prosecutor during the 9/11 frame up of  Lofti Raissi, ultimately found innocent of all charges that had been brought for the FBI by Arvinda Sambir, aka Arvinder Sambei. That’s why he need to consult with special counsel on p. 86 below.

preistap 85preistap 86.JPGpreistap 87


While you are here:

The AFI researchers have spent many, many days updating the bibliographies in the CRIMELINE. All white hats, patriots, and researchers, please make sure to save a copy. This is truth, with indictable evidence under the hyperlinks, that we do not want to ever be extinguished from our collective human memory. Let’s make sure we have multiple copies, worldwide, for safekeeping.