Fractional Voting Exposed – We are ‘Three-fifths of a Person’

Fraction Magic – Detailed Vote Rigging Demonstration (October 31, 2016). Thank you for this glass bead, Evelyn. This happens in elections around the world and couldn’t be a more timely video reminder of all the ways elections are being rigged.


The Three-Fifths Clause of the United States Constitution


vote went to Europe
AIM4Truth Mark created this chalk drawing. Don’t you just love what a sophisticated meme it is? One has to deeply understand the truth of election rigging to appreciate its wit and biting truth.


3 thoughts on “Fractional Voting Exposed – We are ‘Three-fifths of a Person’”

  1. A goodly number of these folks need to be charged for their various crimes, receive a fair trial, be convicted, and sentenced to prison for an appropriate period of time. Those who have been fairly convicted of treason should be executed–absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS! I am aware that Robert David Steele, and other thoughtful individuals, have argued for “truth and reconciliation,” but the sheer volume and gravity of these crimes demands the harshest of judgments. We either reestablish “rule-of-law,” or we devolve to our barbarian past.

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