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Andrew Torba’s Free Speech Policy on GAB

As we deep-dive into Gab and its co-founder Andrew Torba, we decided to preserve his views on free speech… Just in case the truths we reveal about him and Gab become “inconvenient” and we are banned from the platform.

Andrew Robert Torba. (Apr. 27, 2022). Free Speech Policy on GAB (VIDEO post). Gabriel’s Horn.


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Andrew Torba: Another Scranton Success?

Editor. (Apr. 01, 2012). Entrepreneurship: Seizing Your Opportunities, re. Andrew Robert Torba, Class of 2013. Scranton (University) Journal.



“For Torba, his interest in social media and marketing led him to the entrepreneurship minor, which in turn led to an internship.

The one-time political science major turned philosophy major is fascinated by the technology field and is armed with an idea for a start-up social media management platform.

After listening to Kris Jones address the class in September, Torba started a dialogue with the internet entrepreneur that eventually resulted in a marketing internship – through the minor – at a Scranton mobile app development company that Jones has provided substantial Angel capital for.

“He is advising my own start-up, and his guidance and insight are definitely helpful,” Torba says.”


Editor. (Apr. 01, 2015). University Begins Offering Entrepreneurship Major, re. Andrew Robert Torba, Class of 2013. Scranton (University) Journal.

We Are Gabbing Truth about Andrew Torba

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Disturbing Globalist Connections to Gab and Andrew Torba

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Andrew Torba – Cardboard Cutout for Pilgrims Society to Round Up Dissidents?

We will be adding all of the Gabs that we do on Torba and Gab so that if @Gabriels_Horn is removed, YOU will know why.

Editor. (Apr. 01, 2015). University Begins Offering Entrepreneurship Major, re. Andrew Robert Torba, Class of 2013. Scranton (University) Journal.

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Here’s the patent for anti-gravity machines

British SERCO-run U.S. Navy and U.S. Patent Office issued anti-gravity machine patent 10,144,532 on Dec. 04, 2018

Anonymous Scientist. (Compiled Jun. 14, 2021). Inventions suppressed by British Pilgrims Society global banking. Anonymous Patriots.

U.S. Pat. No. 10,144,532. (Issued Dec. 04, 2018). CRAFT USING AN INERTIAL MASS REDUCTION DEVICE, inventor: Salvtore Cezar Pais, assignee: U.S. Navy Secretary. USPTO.


Read more about these “spaceships” in the link below:

US Navy secretly designed super-fast futuristic aircraft resembling a UFO


There’s never been a better time to hold silver.

There’s never been a better time to HOLD silver. Folks are buying up physical stock all over the planet. Not only is silver a required metal for most modern technologies, it’s becoming a favorite method by citizens around the world to destroy central banking and its evil grip on humanity.

Do you part to SAVE THE WORLD. Buy up as much PHYSICAL SILVER that you can.

Electric cars and trucks require silver. This category includes electric vehicles (EVs), battery electric vehicles, (BEV), and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).


Remember that memes are weapons of truth. Fire them into your downline. We need as many folks as possible buying silver so that we stop their madness of turning the world into a prison planet. They need silver in this New World Order. Take it from them. The prices are incredibly low!




Update on Leader Technologies ‘Miller Act Notice’


Brief on Leader Technologies’ (“Leader”) Miller Act Notice currently on the President’s desk; original (Jul. 24, 2017) and first amended (Apr. 25, 2019, delivered by Rep. Jim Jordan); reviewing the commensurate authorities already available to the President alone, since the government has already benefited from the property use, and the President has a duty to properly compensate Leader for that benefit.


The confirmed theft by the U.S. Government of the social networking inventions of Columbus, Ohio innovator Leader Technologies, Michael McKibben, inventor and CEO, by the Executive Branch, first under Clinton, then Bush and Obama.

How a remedy to this injustice can spark a truly FREE PRESS AND MEDIA that honors truthful, unbiased reporting almost overnight; and tames the fake media beasts in one bold move.


The declarations of the Miller Act Notice show that President Trump has the sole power to fix the organized, global propaganda frauds and election rigging by social media, literally with the stroke of a pen.

Leader proposes to provide the Executive with an exclusive global master license for social networking which will be owned by the Executive/U.S. Government. This will give the President the immediate power to order a new end user license agreement that honors the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights regarding privacy and security rights.

The IBM Eclipse Foundation (via the DoD Office of Net Assessment) stole Leader’s social networking invention and has never paid a license fee to Leader. The President can immediately order all users of social networking (persons, companies and organizations) to pay a surcharge in exchange for a license to continue using the technology legally.

That ongoing master license surcharge, that will be owned and held by the Government—We The People, will have two components: (1) $2/mo. to Leader, and (2) at the discretion of the President, e.g., a $5+/mo. government surcharge. Using 4 billion current users of social networking in the world, this would generate $240 billion in new revenue per year to the federal government without increasing taxes. This surcharge can be collected through the existing accounting system that telecoms use to collect the Universal Service Fee.

Leader also proposes a one-time payment of $40 billion to prime this pump. This represents a highly discounted fee for the last 20 years of theft and use of its social networking inventions. The ongoing income proposed will easily cover this up-front amount within months of initiation. In addition to getting Leader’s shareholders whole, a substantial portion (30% est.) of this inflow will be distributed to establish, enhance and expand proven alternative Free Press-Media Outlets immediately.

With the master license, the President can dictate the terms for the continued operation of the mainstream media and platforms who attack him unrelentingly with bogus accusations.

At the same time, Leader principles, most notably Michael McKibben, are ready to devote the bulk of their ongoing income from the master license to create a truly sustainable FREE PRESS with a plurality of NEWS OUTLETS who can start producing real, truth-based news instead of the current lockstep propaganda.

For more information on Leader Technologies and the Miller Act Notice, see: