4 thoughts on “Catholic Cardinals are Enemies of America”

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    And now the Vatican is aligned with the New World Order with the intent to bring in a One World Religion, just one more instrument of control directed against the People by the globalist Deep State.

    1. Ever notice the papacy parrots the NWO Kabbal? Ever notice the papacy’s love for communism? They want their medieval power back as head of all the churches. When will the inquisition be put back into operation?

  2. Hello friends at AIM, The Conclave & Leader Technologies!

    This is very relevant to this topic so am posting it here also.

    PDF created with a review of your video and of this Truth Bits blog post here:

    The Jesuit – Black Nobility – Swiss Octogon Templars NWO Take-Over of America.




    Many important items need to be clarified for ALL (including Mr. Strunk & his partner) so that we ARE ALL ON THE SAME PAGE.

    The Rebel Alliance must not stop and always move on!

    United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

    Thank you and may God help us,

    The Rebel Alliance



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