Keeping an Eye on the Twitter Accounts of Traitors

trump train treason tweet

Join us in keeping an eye on these traitors. Many appear to be inactive on their Twitter accounts or have their publicists doing the tweeting for them. We hope it is because they have been arrested and are waiting trial for TREASON….After all, why would Trump retweet this image if it weren’t on his mind, too?

Where is Hillary? Looks like her publicist is the only one tweeting from her account these days

Where is Creepy Joe?

Still no sign of George or his wife Laura

John O. Brennan should be the first arrested for treason. This notorious tweeter has been suspiciously low-key.

Loretta Lynch’s personal account is in protected mode.

James Comey is a prolific tweeter. Keep an eye on his account:

Obama’s reads like a publicist is handling his account.

John Kerry was last spotted dancing with Hillary in India. Where is he now?

Always keep an eye on unfit Mitt.

Huma Abedin’s account has been dormant for awhile.

Eric Holder’s is questionable

Who are you keeping an eye on?


2 thoughts on “Keeping an Eye on the Twitter Accounts of Traitors”

  1. I love your Service of Exsposing Curuption Keep the Good Work AIM Please look United States vs David Duane Everist it was unjustified unlawful Conviction and takings of property rights and Mining Rights and I got 30 days in jail under USC TITLE 30 Section 21 though section 54, 612b section 28f Mining District Local Government

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