We Demand Proof of Life, Full Cognitive Ability, or Resignation of Ruth Bader Ginsberg


Graham Urges Trump to Open Government for Three Weeks to Make a Deal

No surprise to AIM Patriots that Lindsey Graham is a Globalist.

What Graham is really pushing here is for Trump to call a national emergency. The globalists would love this as they would file law suits in the corrupt Ninth Circuit to challenge Trump’s constitutional authority to call an emergency.

Of course, the President of the United States has the authority to do this, but the legal process would require the lawsuit move to the Supreme where a vote would likely be 5-4 against the EXECUTIVE BRANCH. Ruth Ginsberg is still alive (so they say) and Roberts is a globalist turncoat who will vote the way his globalist master tell him. Hence, 5-4.

2 scoops trumpBottom line here – we are one heart beat or resignation away from a next big move. Stand with President Trump as he works the Art of the Deal.. and we will get a GREAT WALL of AMERICA, plus a very conservative new Supreme Court justice.

Help our country by putting pressure on the rotten-to-the-core Supreme Court. Call them every day and demand PROOF OF LIFE and COGNITIVE ABILITY of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

How about giving this meme about Ruth some push action through your networks? Patriot phone calls and ground-action are creating major havoc in the swamp.

Do your part to save AMERICA.

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