14 thoughts on “Pelosi Cancels 2019 State of the Union Address”

    1. Absolutely! No problem for patriots. Trump can tweet his address to us. He can record his address from the Oval Office and drop it into the White House YouTube site… Nancy cannot put a muzzle on American patriots!

    1. Much better idea. It has been extremly embarassing for the last two years to see the Democratic Party’s NON support of OUR ELECTED PRESIDENT. BECOMING MORE APPARENT DEMOCRATIC PARTY WOULD BE ONE GROUP TO DIS SOLVE THEMSELVES

      1. Who wants to watch the Democrats, dressed in black, sit scowling and refuse to applaud any of Trump’s accomplishments. Fabulously depressing!

  1. After 30 days declare the RIF to eliminate the non essential in government. Drain the swamp!
    We Patriots want to hear what you have to say President Trump! Carry on 😉

  2. To the honorable Presidenti Trump….. go around, not thru the enemy. Find a venue among the American people . Show your strength and say something important, not to be missed….. gear up for 2020.

  3. Now Trump has maneuvered Nancy right where he wants her. Bravo, Mr. President! You really are a genius and a leader. We have more proof every day. Anyone who cannot see this is blind and stupid.

  4. Pelosi and her “petty argument about semantics” Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have near the power she wishes she did. “She needs to be sent home with a spanking”

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