Pelosi’s Jewelry Tells Hidden Message to Deep State

Betsy and Thomas explain the hidden meaning behind the lapel pin Nancy Pelosi was wearing during the State of the Union. Then Thomas explains why the Democrats want to murder our babies. Make sure to watch the screen shots for discreet messages to viewers.

Feel free to use the images and memes embedded in the video and below to educate and enlighten your circle of influence.

Pelosi’s Lapel Pin Tells Hidden Message to Deep State

The legal to lie memes can be found here:

It is Legal to Lie to Congress


coming after our babies


Assange proof of life 2


ruth missing in action

.ruth proof of life


Bring Out your Dead


where is ruth 8


.where is ruth 4


.where is ruth 6

ruth in glass


where is ruth 10


proof of life ginsberg


demand proof of life ginsberg


proof that ginsberg is alive


GInsberg toad


Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Dead


Where in the world is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?


8 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Jewelry Tells Hidden Message to Deep State”

  1. Thank you for this important information that you continue to share. In this video (re:PSOT2019) where in one small section you question Ruth’s absence from the event. I don’t know how true this is but when I heard that question, II thought it definitely made sense. I got this info by listening to a David Zublick You tube video “Hilary died in 2016” in which he speaks of the ‘drug’ she takes to keep herself somewhat alive as she suffers from Kuru. My apologies for not remembering the name but it is a substance that is manufactured in the human body when a person is terrified …. a drug that can be obtained following a child ritual killing. Again I apologize for my lack of specifics but ……. it was said during this video that Ruth BG has an illness in which she also needs this substance and that she is ‘hiding’ as she tries to rebuild herself.

    I know this all sounds crazy but ……. not so much that I wouldn’t consider getting more info. I thoight I’d share it with you folks,

    Thx for your good work and the info you share.

    Connie Bonneau

    If you do take a listen, please let me know if you believe there could be any truth to it. Many thanks and God bless you.

    1. Zublick is not, in our opinion, a reliable source. He has way too much disinformation and never goes back and corrects it. He is not one of our reliable truth sources. He has a nice voice…but that’s about all for us.

    2. David Zublicz, oh dear. This man has put so much disinformation out there. I’m surprised that people still take what he says as truth. Adrenochrome is the drug of which you speak, it has many properties but keeping the dead alive is not one of them.

    3. Adrenachrome (SP?) is the substance you are trying to describe, and YES, although it is very hard to believe, there are MANY of us who have been following ALL OF THIS. Don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise, these people are pure evil!

  2. As always great insight great Intel great video!!!… can you Please provide me with the article or info you were able to obtain (to help me win a debate and help red pill one of my best friends) that “O-BomBa dropped approximately 80,000 bombs” if I recall the number correctly or at least dropped more bombs than any President or is it “all Presidents combined in recorded history!”…Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on the numbers but would appreciate something I can show as proof and if I do he’s going to flip from Blue to Red (or to avoid the RINO’s a libertarian independent) which I prefer even better!… but for sure Annyting but a DeMonRat!!! ThankYoU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!! Marcus J. A.I.M.INFO-WARRIOR💪👊

    1. While this symbol and usage goes back to at least Roman times with the Aquilifer carrying the standard of the Legion. Nancy is in charge over the House Of Representatives, and there is nothing uncommon about her having authority over the House, so you might be getting a little carried away with yourselves and the representation of this pin, no? The Mace Of The Republic (Mace Of The United States House Of Representatives).

      A similar use of Roman heritage is the use of the Fasces. They can be found in the House Chamber now.

      Granted, the use of these Roman symbols within our U.S. government is very interesting and another story in and of itself.


  3. Were Ms Pelosi a reliably coherent member of the House, I agree the symbol is no issue. But the Speaker is proven near insane, if not lobotomized. Protect her as you wish but three years plus of continuous disservice to America is not a line item on her job description. The damned lady cannot see a useful middle ground in any and all matters brought up in Congress? Impossible. Pelosi and RBG both retards and both have disgraced the House Speakership and Supreme Court. Jewelry means nothing. Disservice to America is I pray, their undoings.

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