Ruth Ginsberg Still M.I.A.

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**Public Information** Contact info SCOTUS.
Everyone needs to start calling, emailing and documenting the responses.

— paulmuaddib61 (@paulmuaddib61) April 16, 2019

Attention all AIM Patriots, please make this your personal patriot mission to start bugging the sh*t out of these government employees, who receive their pay through your tax dollars. Demand proof of life of Ruth (no doubles or stand-ins) be given to the American people.

We want to see a walking, talking, functioning human being with the original DNA of the original Ruth Bader Ginsberg. If she is dead and the justices are covering it up, we need to know so that we can start investigating Chief Justice Roberts for treason for covering up…yet again…another crime against America.

Yes, this would mean that the Supreme Court justices, including Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, by continuing this Ginsberg hoax against America, are traitors to the country.

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ruth missing in action

ruth proof of life


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