Treasonous Hoax, Treason, or Both?

Treasonous Hoax, Treason, or Both?


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May 8, 2019 10:18:42 AM – ….in 3 separate locations, creating another 450 jobs. I have been working nicely with GM to get this done. Thank you to Mary B, your GREAT Governor, and Senator Rob Portman. With all the car companies coming back, and much more, THE USA IS BOOMING!

May 8, 2019 10:18:41 AM – GREAT NEWS FOR OHIO! Just spoke to Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, who informed me that, subject to a UAW agreement etc., GM will be selling their beautiful Lordstown Plant to Workhorse, where they plan to build Electric Trucks. GM will also be spending $700,000,000 in Ohio…

May 8, 2019 09:45:23 AM – RT @realDonaldTrump: Real estate developers in the 1980’s & 1990’s, more than 30 years ago, were entitled to massive write offs and depreciation which would, if one was actively building, show losses and tax losses in almost all cases. Much was non monetary. Sometimes considered “tax shelter,” ……

May 8, 2019 09:45:20 AM – RT @realDonaldTrump: ….you would get it by building, or even buying. You always wanted to show losses for tax purposes….almost all real estate developers did – and often re-negotiate with banks, it was sport. Additionally, the very old information put out is a highly inaccurate Fake News hit job!

May 8, 2019 09:45:07 AM – RT @realDonaldTrump: “CASE CLOSED!” @SenateMajLDR

May 8, 2019 09:42:26 AM – “This British Spy, Christopher Steele, tried so hard to get this (the Fake Dossier) out before the Election. Why?” @kilmeade @foxandfriends

May 8, 2019 09:38:49 AM – “Everyone wants to know who needs to be accountable, because it took up two years of our lives talking about this Russian involvement. It proved No Collusion, & people want to trace it back to see how this all happened?” @ainsleyearhardt @foxandfriends TREASONOUS HOAX!

May 8, 2019 08:42:36 AM – Big Court win at our Southern Border! We are getting there – and Wall is being built!

May 8, 2019 08:23:07 AM – “Shouldn’t 2015 and 2016 be revealed, how Intelligence Agencies, FBI, tried to sabotage a particular campaign – never been done before?” @SteveForbesCEO @MariaBartiromo

May 8, 2019 07:57:35 AM – “The real “Obstruction of Justice” is what the Democrats are trying to do to this Attorney General.” Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). @MariaBartiromo


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  1. I just wish your fantastic and through factual information could be shared with someone in the TV media!

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