4 thoughts on “Spying and lying will be their demise”

  1. Whenever appropriate you ought take greater pains to pat yourselves on the collective back, much as Judicial Watch does via Twitter, so as to dispel the occasional impression that you could be so busy “mining” and meming as to fail to directly appeal to the Administration yourselves. It may very well be the case that some among your own conclave ranks are either in regular contact with the Administration or even number among its D.C. membership; but for now you seem more comfortable leaving this potentially critical relationship largely undefined.

    Whatever the case may be, it would be unconscionable to spur your listeners toward action armed only with knowledge gleaned second- or third-hand, from you via the conclave’s miners, without having first made your own best efforts to directly and in a timely manner apprise the Administration—about the National Security Letters, for example.

    And lest you offer here assurances that professionals within the Administration are so charged and surely must be unearthing just such lawfare nuggets as the conclave itself extracts—undoubtedly more—it might first be remembered that it was presumably these same professionals who “helped” our President appoint such “winner-miners” as Christopher Wray and Gina Haspel.

    The meme and video approach AIM practices is laudable for its steadfast attempts to raise consciousness among the general public; but as a strategy for political change in a republic such as ours—whose congressional representatives stand wholly unresponsive to the will of the People—memes and calls to Congress could only prove an ill conceived recourse absent any more direct action.

    So, when the President finally retweets an AIM tweet, as he has for Judicial Watch, the activist balance in the Force will have been restored and his millions of followers reached.

    1. Don’t lock us into your limited box of stratagems. You are a linear thinker. We are not. We have no interest in being called out by any leader who promotes 5G and vaccinations among the populace. Blessings.

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