Patriot Makes Public Statement about International Crime

I make this OPEN ELECTRONIC MAIL LETTER communication, ON THE RECORD. I do so because I have no faith in the honesty, integrity or accountability of those charged and appointed with protecting the general public, including those controlling the Serious Fraud Office and current and past Government senior Party Politicians, under their basic remit of THE PREVENTION AND DISMANTLEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL SERIOUS ORGANISED CRIME and £billion Money Laundering. The writer avers, the controlling senior officers of the SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE and named main recipients and complicit MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT and HOUSE OF LORDS are negligent and guilty under misconduct in Public Office for their individual and collective failure to fully investigate and evaluate for substance to fact and thereafter, call for a Police and Government inquiry into the accusations attempts by the writer since 2006 to expose the very International Organised Crime “Syndicate” including RIO TINTO PLC and GROUP Entities currently under investigation by the US SEC, the AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE and United Kingdom SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE regarding FRAUD, BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, Major MONEY LAUNDERING and CORPORATE ESPIONAGE ASSET STRIPPING. The writer has repeatedly advised by recorded correspondences since 2006 to the SFO and Government Politicians, regarding this extended International Criminal syndicate aligned to and affiliated with RIO TINTO PLC. £billions have been stolen HUNDREDS OF £billions from Banks, Financial Institutions, Pension Funds and millions of individual Investors defrauded by this same “Syndicate” The writer questions the intelligence and integrity of the main recipients in this communication for their total failure to identify the Common Criminal Modus Operandi of Criminal Corporate Asset Stripping, Bribery, Corruption and Money Laundering undertaken by the same interconnected network of Common Directors. On 24 July 2017 the Serious Fraud Office made a press release regarding their investigation into RIO TINTO GROUP and its Directors Quote: “If you have information relevant to this investigation, please contact the SFO through the secure and confidential reporting channel” given I have been sending recorded correspondences to the SFO and Government regarding the very same individual directors and their interconnected £billion PONZI Scams Companies since 2006, the writer now provides same accusations to ALL MAIN RECIPIENTS witnessed by the cc recipients in this OPEN LETTER. Let me expand your negligence: RIO TINTO PLC Directors that fall under the investigation included SAM WALSH, ALAN DAVIES, DEBORAH VALENTINE, TOM ALBANESE and GUY ROBERT ELLIOTT, you clearly failed to identify the complicit JAN DU PLESSIS and ANNE LAUVERGEON (ex VODAFONE with her complicit Co Director Cohort SIR SAMUEL ESSON JONAH in the AREVA NUCLEAR FRANCE – URAMIN INC contrived fraud US $ 2.5 billion asset strip of AREVA NUCLEAR FRANCE by the entire board of Directors of URAMIN INC SIR SAMUEL ESSON JONAH, IAN STALKER, FRANCIS DANIELS, GRAHAM MASCALL, JAMES MELLON and its UK registered money laundering Conduit subsidiary URAMIN UK LIMITED 05354240 dissolved,
GRAHAM EDWARD MASCALL, NEIL LINDSEY HERBERT aka HERBET, STEPHEN ROLAND DATTELS, SLC CORPORATE SERVICES LIMITED, SLC REGISTRARS LIMITED, Mr ROBERT STUART SCOTT, GORDON CASSIDY. The writer states, he has over 11 years researched each director of all these and all their multitude of Financial asset stripped cash burned collapsed and £billion debt facilitated Stock Exchanged Companies that have operated unchallenged by all regulatory and Police Authorities and avers this due to the induction of senior Politicians and Lords. The writer expands his accusations by examples: GUY ROBERT ELLIOTT who has been charged with fraud fronts multiple I aver, PONZI Scam money laundering Companies under 2 Director ID Numbers 915050203. 4 Company Affiliations and 907977060. 7 Company Affiliations, however the writer research indicates he was trained in PROPRIETARY trading at HSBC BANK NEW YORK, that might corroborate evidence surrounding NICHOLAS WILSONS evidence on HSBC BANK and bring into the SFO INQUIRY of HOME SECRETARY AMBER AUGUSTA RUDD. GUY ROBERT ELLIOTT is, also recorded with common director affiliations identified with AURELEAN OIL AND GAS, BRAZILIAN GOLDFIELDS CORP, CROESUS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT CORP, PATRIMOINE ASIA PTE LTD, 8TAN CAPITAL PARTNERS LTD, NEWGEN MINING FUND SPC, POLO RESOURCES LIMITED with STEPHEN ROLAND DATTELS see URAMIN INC, and a major collapsed Money Laundering Conduit PONZI SCAM, TEMPLAR MINERALS LIMITED that implicates 2 major complicit Cohorts DAVID ANTHONY LENIGAS and his, I’m told by Mr LUCAS LENIGAS the brother of DAVID ANTHONY LENIGAS (recorded) his MI5 handler DONALD IAN GEORGE LAYMAN STRANG. The SFO refuse to halt THE GATWICK GUSHER Scam fronted by UKOG as the HORSE HILL DEVELOPMENT Fraud with complicit Conduit Joint Venture Partners. The SFO and Government Authorities further fail to see the significance that affiliated Director STEPHEN ROLAND DATTELS who with ex US PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH and covert WMD Arms trader MOHAMMMED ADNAN KASHOGGI formed a major MONEY LAUNDERING front BARRICK GOLD CORP interlocked to all these named included herein this Communication. Of course it must be too difficult for the experts the SFO to research that out of the same boiler room money laundering address of RIO TINTO PLC is recorded PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC the subsidiary of delisted collapsed COPPER RESOURCES CORPORATION Oh Dear, SIR SAMUEL ESSON JONAH, oh dear, can you see a pattern here, where the parental Company of PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC is main LSE financial gutted METOREX LIMITED incorporating convicted BANK FRAUDSTER Mr NIKO SHEFER and con artist fraudster accountant Mr DOUW VAN DER MERWE VILJOEN via the RUASHI SPRL and SENTINELLE GLOBAL INVESTMENTS PTY LTD. However, other Directors of PONZI SCAM: PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES PLC include COLIN BIRD, now there’s a syndicate COM ARTIST, see all his network PONZI SCAMS, then PHILIP ANTHONY DIMMOCK Director ID 904994918 oh dear, LONDON + GLOBE CORPORATION LIMITED 908655003 Oh Dear PLAZA 107 ltd 535 KINGS ROAD LONDON the company named operating with GOVERNMENT Fronted and supported mercenary company EXECUTIVE OUTCOMES and SANDLINE INTERNATIONAL see the 21 page secret leaked file given to me in South Africa “SECRET SOUTH AFRICAN DISRUPTION” then also out of PAN AFRICAN RESOURCES is MALCOLM ALEC BURNE who led me to the 34 year PONZI SCAM and MAGNOX NORTH NUCLEAR WASTE REPOSITORY, ANGLESEY MINING PLC. So for the record, if you check, MALCOLM ALEC BURNE is affiliated to NAUTICAL PETROLEUM LIMITED and his Co Director includes DR MICHAEL JOHN WATTS. Director ID 905317131 perhaps the SFO Could like I have check his 45 RESIGNED and 38 CLOSED Financial gutted companies. In regard to Recorded Directors of ANGLESEY MINING PLC the writer points to the MAIN RECIPIENTS that HOWARD B MILLER aka HOWARD BERTRUM MILLER director ID 901270775 with 10 Company affiliations is identified as among other PONZI SCAMS a recorded senior executive of AVNEL GOLD MINING LIMITED which was acquired by: ENDEAVOUR MINING CORPORATION so, what’s the significance to this, well, the Executive and Direct Bios show the inter relationships to £billion Corporate Espionage asset stripped PUBLIC LISTED STOCK EXCHANGE COMPANIES. The Executives and Directors of ENDEAVOUR MINING CORPORATION include 1) SABASTIEN DE MONTESSUS see LA MANCHA GROUP, AREVA NUCLEAR FRANCE GROUP.. MORGAN STANLEY INVESTMENT BANKING. 2) VINCENT BENIOT. LA MANCHA, AREVA NUCLEAR FRANCE, PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS. 3) PATRICK BOUISSET. LA MANCHA. AREVA MINES. 4) MORGAN CARROLL. 5) JEREMY LANGFORD. 6) HENRI DE JOUX. 7) MICHAEL E BECKETT. ASHANTI GOLDFIELDS Oh dear SIR SAMUEL ESSON JONAH, GOLD FIELDS LTD, PETMIN LTD, ORICA LTD, IVANHOE MINES LIMITED. 8) LIVIA MAHLER. 9) WAYNE MCMANUS. 10) NAGUIB SAWIRIS. LA MANCHA. 11) JAMES ASKEW OCEANA GOLD LIMITED, SYRAH RESOURCES, EVOLUTION MINING. and OLIVIER COLOM a FRENCH DIPLOMAT, Diplomatic Advisor to Under criminal investigation ex PRESIDENT NICOLAS SARKOZY where OLIVIER COLOM in 2005- 2006 was seconded to the office of PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR (at the same time I exposed the fraud network of METOREX LIMITED out of 6 ST JAMES’S PLACE ST JAMES’S SQUARE and JAN DU PLESSIS via SABMILLER PLC to 788-790 FINCHLEY RD. OLIVIER COLOM joined the FRENCH PRESIDENTS STAFF at ELYSEE PALACE as Diplomatic Advisor and Deputy “Sherpa” to President NICOLAS SARKOZY and to G20 -G8 – UNITED NATIONS. OLIVIER COLOM In 2013 – 2016 became a member of the EDMUND DE ROTHSCHILDS GROUP, now there’s a thing given the ROTHSCHILDS OWN ALL of ST JAMES’S PLACE ST JAMES’S SQUARE including 11-12 ST JAMES’S PLACE ST JAMES’S SQUARE Oh Dear, you should check the COLLAPSED Companies out of there interconnected to 6 ST JAMES’S PLACE ST JAMES’S SQUARE. Oh dear the SFO couldn’t join the dots to RIO TINTO PLC and out of the same address the £billion cash and share asset stripped JCI LTD and DRD GOLD LTD aka DURBAN ROODEPORT DEEP, fronted by ANGLESEY MINING PLC connected thieving con artist MARK MICHAEL WELLESLEY – WOOD and their complicit affiliates in the ANC YOUTH LEAGUE contrived complicit including ANDILE NKUHLU the cousin of PROFESSOR WISEMAN NKUHLU to the MURDER of BRETT KEBBLE and recently his Father ROGER BRETT KEBBLE exposed in June 2008 by Australian TV Scoop ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY”. The writer further points that ANGLESEY MINING PLC recorded Director HOWARD BERTRAM MILLER via NELSON BUZACHI LIMITED is affiliated to LODEWICUS JOHANNES DU PLESSIS and MS ANNELIE DU PLESSIS ID 907852229 date of Birth fronting NELSON BUZACHI LIMITED, NELSON PETROLEUM (KKM) LIMITED, NR EXPLORATION LIMITED, COMMONWEALTH + BRITISH SERVICES LTD (hmmmmm nice name) 02880545 and DU PLESSIS FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD 08946849. Out of WARRINGTON UK and the same link to LORD DOUGLAS HOYLE and his old friend ON THE RUN, convicted International Organised Crime £million Money Launder to Limassol CYPRUS Ms ‘TARA’ ANDREA DAVISON aka TAMARA ROTHSCHILDS her old friend KEVIN JAMES CAHILL, the INTELLIGENCE ADVISOR to LORD PADDY ASHDOWN, ex PM GORDON BROWN and LORD LAIRD ARTIGARVAN all directly linked to 788-790 FINCHLEY RD as is Convicted ex ITALIAN PM SILVIO BERLUSCONI, DAVID MACKENZIE DONALD MILLS, the husband of MP TESSA JOWELL, THE MAFIA, TONY BLAIR via WINDRUSH VENTURES LTD, 2 companies defrauding the US DEFENCE ACCOUNTS Of US$1.5 billion, MAFIA MONEY LAUNDERING IN BATTERSEA LONDON, 788-790 FINCHLEY RD to £billions Fraud in PRAGUE, 788-790 FINCHLEY RD in the PANAMA PAPERS, and THE PARADISE PAPERS. DONALD TRUMP money laundering to 788-790 FINCHLEY RD, PUTIN Money Laundering to 788-790 FINCHLEY RD, BILL CLINTON to 788-790 FINCHLEY RD, ISRAELI MONEY LAUNDERING TO 788-790 FINCHLEY RD. the GRENFELL TOWER FIRE Cladding Company to the recently abandoned 788-790 FINCHLEY RD LONDON NW11. The writer points the SFO and main recipients to the 2008 Australian ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY” where Journalist ANDREW FOWLER confronts con artist FRAUDSTER Mr JOHN STRATTON sat in his Range Rover outside their then multi company Boiler Room, 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE PERTH AUSTRALIA he said to ANDREW FOWLER QUOTE: “THIS IS A HUGELY POLITICALLY DRIVEN EVENT” The writer asks if the SERIOUS FRAUD OFFICE and MAIN RECIPIENTS have failed to understand the SIMPLE JOIN THE DOTS herein this Communication you are not competent to be in your Public Service Positions.


AIM Patriot David V.

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