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Many of you have asked for a simple explanation of the difference between cannabis, hemp, and marijuana.

There are two plants: hemp and cannabis.

Both plants are weeds that grow naturally and abundantly without government sanctions. When someone refers to “weed”, they may be referring to either plant.

Cannabis was formerly known and is often called “marijuana”, but we are all trying to stop using that word as it has such negative political connotations. Marijuana = cannabis. Thought leaders like YOU call it cannabis.

Hemp does not contain THC and will not get you high. It is used to produce CBD2s which work from your neck down. CBD2s are good for what’s ailing you in the body. We have now added a twice daily dosage of quality CBD2s to our diet (at least 25 mg in morning and evening before bed…with sometimes a little mid-day dose). We are LOVING THEM!! It is a legal product. You can purchase at any health food store. Why haven’t you started yet?

Cannabis contains THC and will get you high. If you want to try CBD1s that are derived from cannabis and don’t want the “high” feeling, then take just before bedtime and sleep like a baby. For awesome healing effects use both 1 and 2, at the same time, to get something called the entourage effect. This is a healing state for the body.

CBDs are collectively called the cannabinoids. They are also known as the cannabidiol oils.

If cannabis is not legal to use in your state, get involved in the cannabis community to make sure you and your family are not denied this God-given healing plant. Keep Big Pharma, Big Ag, and Big Regulators out of our hemp and cannabis gardens! Get involved!

If your state only permits medical cannabis use, find out how to get your state-issued ‘permission slip’. Many folks have aches and pains…older women go through menopause….many people have migraines. Typically, you don’t have to have a full blown case of cancer to get a medical license – just need some aches and pains.

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7-14-21 update

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  1. The problem with getting a personal medical license to purchase cannabis is your state can use it as an excuse to confiscate your firearms under vague Red Flag gun control laws.

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