Mailchimp closing patriot accounts

This note from an AIM reader:

Two days ago I talked with an activist who set up a Mailchimp account just to have it shut right back down again within hours for “violating” their policies. Mailchimp was not specific.

Yesterday Jennifer S. posted a screenshot of Mailchimp stating they do not allow anti-vaccine content on their platform and disabled her account of 4 years.

Today I received a message from a vaccine educated group that everyone on Basecamp knows and their account is also suspended and they cannot access their email list.

THEREFORE, if you are using Mailchimp I recommend you drop everything you are doing and EXPORT YOUR LIST ASAP. Once Mailchimp disables the account, you cannot access your emails.

It will not be long before the pro-vaxxers catch on and start sending complaints to Mailchimp on all of our accounts. They could take out 1/2 of us in just one day very easily. EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN and make back up plans right now, starting with getting that export onto your computer.

I suspect it is only a matter of time before Constant Contact and others follow suit.

Our response: MailChimp was started by Sheryl Sandberg’s husband who died in Mexico on a vacation from a treadmill “accident” in a hotel he wasn’t staying in.


3 thoughts on “Mailchimp closing patriot accounts”

  1. MailChimp disabled my ability to send emails this morning. Inside my account is a notification that I violated their TOS, without any specifics.

    Twice I’ve used their system to try to resolve this (they do not use phones) but they have not responded in 8 hrs.

    I do not engage in spam, etc. and I take their TOS very seriously, as my newsletter is how I earn a living.

    This is scary.

  2. You bet. GreenMedInfo was also deplatformed by MailChimp this week. He has 300k contacts and was paying them $3k per month.

    How is it worth it for MailChimp to cut loose hundreds, maybe thousands of customers and six- to 8 figures in revenue this year?

    Is somebody making it worth their while?

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