GEET Small Engine Build Plans and Video Demonstration

While we are waiting for uranium reactors to be converted to thorium and for safe, environmentally-friendly thorium plants to be built everywhere in the world, get your family interested in alternative fossil fuel engines by building your own GEET home unit.

Below is a basic introduction to the GEET plasma reactor and how it works. Click the headline links to read the information details. Share this page with others, using this tiny url:

GEET Plasma Reactor – Science Explained


For those of you really serious about building your fossil-free home unit, here are small engine conversion plans.

GEET – Small Engine Conversion Plans

small engine conversion.JPG

You will want to save this PDF below for your family records. Help your children with their next science project or just grab these materials from the hardware store and make your own home energy unit! Make it a family hands-on learning-project.

Book of GEET

geet free plans.JPG

geet magnets.JPG

The videos below are from a GEET workshop and are presented to assist you in building your own home unit. The teacher (Jeremy) places his foot on the running engine to stabilize it. If you read the Book of GEET, on page 147, you will see that they believe this is levitation, anti-gravity being demonstrated.

Patriots, keep in mind that this is a retrofit to show you how this works. Patriots that are engineers and mechanically-savvy will want to create their own devices based upon what is being demonstrated here.

GEET Demonstration Video 1

GEET Demonstration Video 2


Below is another free PDF book that patriots will want to save and share with everyone.

It’s 1300 pages so give it a moment to download.

Kid Altas – The History of GALT in America





4 thoughts on “GEET Small Engine Build Plans and Video Demonstration”

  1. wow,,i wish there is something like that for apartments with so many blackout we have here
    and tropical birds in the home ,,it sure takes a lot of stress and tension away

    1. Now that the plans are released, maybe you can find a small engine mechanic who can build you something. This is retrofitted….doesn’t mean someone else could use the technology and build something totally new and different but using GEET.

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