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GEET Small Engine Build Plans and Video Demonstration

While we are waiting for uranium reactors to be converted to thorium and for safe, environmentally-friendly thorium plants to be built everywhere in the world, get your family interested in alternative fossil fuel engines by building your own GEET home unit.

Below is a basic introduction to the GEET plasma reactor and how it works. Click the headline links to read the information details. Share this page with others, using this tiny url:

GEET Plasma Reactor – Science Explained


For those of you really serious about building your fossil-free home unit, here are small engine conversion plans.

GEET – Small Engine Conversion Plans

small engine conversion.JPG

You will want to save this PDF below for your family records. Help your children with their next science project or just grab these materials from the hardware store and make your own home energy unit! Make it a family hands-on learning-project.

Book of GEET

geet free plans.JPG

geet magnets.JPG

The videos below are from a GEET workshop and are presented to assist you in building your own home unit. The teacher (Jeremy) places his foot on the running engine to stabilize it. If you read the Book of GEET, on page 147, you will see that they believe this is levitation, anti-gravity being demonstrated.

Patriots, keep in mind that this is a retrofit to show you how this works. Patriots that are engineers and mechanically-savvy will want to create their own devices based upon what is being demonstrated here.

GEET Demonstration Video 1

GEET Demonstration Video 2


Below is another free PDF book that patriots will want to save and share with everyone.

It’s 1300 pages so give it a moment to download.

Kid Altas – The History of GALT in America





Solution to Climate Changes Easy with Thorium

Climate alarmist are out in force these days. A great solution to all this climate change stuff (whether real or imagined) is THORIUM. Continue to educate your social network about the element in the periodic table that the PILGRIMS SOCIETY do not want you to know about.

thorium solution.jpg

Climate change alarmists are pushing for a change in vocabulary to scare people into taking global warming more seriously, starting with terms like “global meltdown” and “climate collapse.”  Read all about it.

Information warriors, let’s do a better job explaining to these alarmists that we have a great solution to their climate concerns – THORIUM. Read all about it in this information-dense headline below:

There is abundant energy for everyone on earth

While we are waiting for uranium reactors to be converted to thorium and for safe, environmentally-friendly thorium plants to be built everywhere in the world, get your family interested in alternative fossil fuel engines by building your own GEET home unit.

Ready to learn more about GEET? Send us your videos and/or pictures of your home unit. We would love to share your story with others who might need a bit of encouragement.

GEET – Small Engine Conversion Plans

“Former Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday announced the launch “World War Zero,” a star-studded coalition of former heads of state and Hollywood figures dedicated to advocating for solutions to climate change.

Their chief objective is to mobilize resources to tackle global warming in a way akin to the Western allies in World War II.” Read all about it and then send this meme to them and ask them WHAT ABOUT THORIUM!?

future is thorium.jpg


Why is it critical to the Globalists to keep humanity from solving the energy crisis?

By AIM Patriot Condor

While enjoying all the daily AIM articles, two particular items profoundly caught my attention.  These two articles were associated with a few elite British families which can likely trace their male bloodlines back to Venice, to Rome, probably even to the last great ice age. The two exposés were…

The Biggest Lies in History EXPOSED For All to Know

Exposed: The British Are Running a Coup Operation Against the President of the United States…Again

With respect to the second article, written by Barbara Boyd, the premise is the British are running a coup operation against another President of the United States. In the article’s cover photograph we see President Kennedy in the background, behind President Trump. One might infer the author is suggesting President Kennedy was the prior President the British cabal ran a coup operation against.

trump kennedy

Should there be any doubt about Barbara Boyd implication, I wanted to bring AIM readers’ attention to an excellent and powerful paper written by Anton Chaitkin concerning President Kennedy. Anton published his 19-page article on November 22, 2013. It was timed to be released on the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination. This remarkable paper nicely links the two articles I cited above.

The paper is titled John F. Kennedy VS. The Empire. There is also a 45-minute video interview with the author concerning this remarkable historical exposé. The video is below:

A few of the many historical facts drawn from the Anton Chaitkin paper include the suggestion there was an ongoing war between the Kennedys and the British Empire going back centuries. Why?

Here are some of the highlights:

John F. Kennedy, like Donald Trump, was a Nationalist who declared war on British oppression and mass murder.

John Kennedy’s own family had been shaped over many generations in Ireland’s bitter conflict with the British.  Descended from Ireland’s 11th-Century High King Brian Boru, the Kennedys had been stripped of their lands and made tenant farmers.

The 1847-48 “Great Famine” was known to the Irish as deliberate genocide under British Prime Minister John Russell, who stationed half of the British Army in Ireland to oversee the export of masses of food, and to keep the captive population quiet. Hunger, disease, and emigration in slave-like ships cut the population from 9 million to 2 1/2 million. The devastation forced JFK’s great-grandfather Patrick Kennedy to emigrate, and led to his death in Boston of hardship-induced disease.

Empire and Cold War

After President Roosevelt’s death, Winston Churchill and his American followers—notably the bipartisan clique of Democrats Dean Acheson and Averell Harriman, and the Republican brothers John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles—wielded the apparatus of the Truman government to wrench American policy away from Roosevelt’s pro-nationalist, anti-imperial peace policy. British double agents, led by Kim Philby, meanwhile fed Russian paranoia with anti-American scare stories.

Senator Kennedy’s Profiles in Courage was his declaration of independence from the London-Wall Street power axis and his defiance of dangerously deluded public opinion. He feared the British Empire would eventually repeat the genocide, here in America, they successfully executed back in Ireland and across many other nations over the centuries.

To the Presidency

For the 1960 Presidential election, the Globalists, through their Deep State minions, Edwin Pauley, Chester Holifield, Speaker of the House, Sam Rayburn and Republicans like Prescott Bush, had selected their operatives to run for President. It would be Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard Nixon. Unfortunately, for the Globalists, John Kennedy won the Democratic nomination and then proceeded to defeat Nixon for the Presidency.

Before JFK’s actual inauguration, British intelligence and the Dulles faction of the CIA were now jointly managing an apparatus of assassins and insurrectionists throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. They were taking out all the leaders JKF intended to ally with against the Empire once he got into office. One example was with the connivance of Dulles and British Secret Service station chief Daphne Park in Congo, Prime Minister Lumumba was covertly assassinated. The crime was carried out only three days before Kennedy’s Jan. 20, 1961 inauguration, with the knowledge that Kennedy, as President, would not allow it.

The Globalists had a long-term plan of stripping America of it manufacturing and reducing it to a 3rd world nation by the 21st century. JFK would have none of it! The Kennedy election platform called for a sharp increase in America’s industrial, scientific, and military power, a negotiated peace with the Soviet Union, and the uplifting of mankind out of poverty and war around the world. Dr. Alvin Weinberg became a scientific advisor to JFK thanks to his Thorium (GALT technology).  Up until six weeks before his execution, JFK repeatedly mentioned nuclear energy, fueled with Thorium, as the fuel of the future for generating most electricity and lifting humanity up to the heavens.

After Presidential Assassination

Once Kennedy was murdered, new wars consumed all optimism, the financier apparatus would push the “green agenda” of Malthus and the British imperial system, upon the depressed American population. This “green agenda” could only be accomplished if Globalists suppressed, stole and/or sabotaged any “Free Energy” technology which could solve the energy crisis while also cleaning up the environment at the same time.

As one example of preserving their “Green Agenda” the British Empire could not allow Dr. Weinberg/JFK GALT energy technology to go too commercialization in the early 1970s (see link: ).

Why was it so critical to the Globalists to keep humanity from solving the energy crisis?

Does the Globalist “Green Agenda” Include Genocide of 93% of Humanity…Beginning With the Top Greenhouse Gas Offender, the United States?

In October 2016, with the expectations of Hilary Clinton winning the Presidential election, the Globalists may have tipped their hand.

JFK wanted humanity to flourish in the 21st century. The Globalists wanted the opposite.  With JFK’s assassination, evidence presently suggests the ultimate objective of the British Elites “Green Agenda“.  It is Genocide.


Georgetown Jesuit professors suggest we have already lost the global warming war.  On page 15 (see clip to right) of their report they attempt to justify a mass extermination of the American people to help save the world.  These Jesuit professors suggest to stop the destruction of Earth, due to Greenhouse Gases (GHG), humanity must take out Americans since they have the largest GHG footprints on the planet.  Once the Americans are taken out, it will be easier to eliminate billions of other Carbon Dioxide emitters throughout the globe.

The Georgetown Jesuit paper can be found at link: .

Back to the Anton Chaitkin’s Paper.

Why did the British elites have to assassinate President Kennedy? Possibly for the same reason the British Globalists are dedicated to limiting  President Trump to at most, one-term.

Let’s turn to President Lincoln’s economic advisor, Henry C. Carey, as he explained the universal issue in his 1851 Harmony of Interests:

“Two systems are before the world…. One looks to pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, and barbarism; the other to increasing wealth, comfort, intelligence, combination of action, and civilization. One looks towards universal war; the other towards universal peace. One is the English system; the other … the American system, for … elevating while equalizing the condition of man throughout the world.”

GALT and the Globalist Suppression of FREE ENERGY Keeps the World’s People Enslaved

AIM Patriot Condor, who is our energy expert in the AIM Conclave, sends us the videos below with this note:

I happened to look up Thorium-GALT on the internet a few minutes ago. A few years ago there would have been nothing.

Now, as you are well aware, there are internet programs, across the globe, following AIM. Some are dedicating more than 2 hours going though the GALT-Free Energy articles whiles also triggering the links to the other AIM articles concerning the thief of energy patents for their audiences. (See two examples below).

With respect to GALT and Free Energy, and the role of Globalist suppression, I am delighted to see the truth is spreading one voice at a time to others who are making the time to listen.

To read the report, see the headline link below and then share this important information with your circle of influence. This is an important reason why we need to all work together to expose and overthrow the globalist rulers who want to keep humanity chained to lack and limitation. There is no reason, other than their greed and malice, that should keep this technology from being released TODAY.

GALT: The Best Kept Secret in the World that Could Free Humanity with Unlimited Free Energy

FREE ENERGY: GALT An Amazing Insight From Narrated by Kaz

GALT: The Best Kept Secret in the World that Could Free Humanity with Unlimited Free Energy

Thorium Myth vs Facts

From Thorium Myth vs Facts

There are a number of persistent myths about radiation, nuclear energy, reactors, thorium, and the LFTR itself that are often repeated at all levels of education and experience. This is an attempt to separate myth from fact.

Myth: Thorium is just another idea being pushed by the nuclear industry.

Fact: The predominant “nuclear industry” of today consists of companies like Westinghouse, General Electric, Toshiba, AREVA, Rosatom, Babcock & Wilcox that are pursuing water-cooled reactor designs fueled by solid uranium dioxide. They have expressed very little if any interest in thorium as a nuclear fuel for the simple reason that it is not a good technological fit with their solid-fueled, water-cooled reactors. For them to embrace thorium in a liquid-fueled, high-temperature reactor like LFTR would require a complete “reboot” of their nuclear business strategy thus far, which is heavily dependent on revenues from the sale of fabricated solid nuclear fuel.

It is highly unlikely that they will ever have an economic incentive to adopt thorium in a liquid-fueled form, and most of them have evaluated the potential benefits of thorium in a solid-fueled form and found them uncompelling. The notion that thorium fuel is a fad that they are embracing to improve their public relations position has no basis in reality, and is a figment of the imagination of anti-nuclear campaigners who are troubled by the growing interest in the thorium fuel cycle implemented in liquid-fluoride nuclear reactors.

Myth: Thorium as a nuclear fuel has been a failure.

Fact: Almost all efforts to use thorium as a nuclear fuel in the past have been connected with solid-fueled reactors, where as previously mentioned, it does not offer compelling advantages, a fact that we have never contested. The effective use of thorium as a nuclear fuel, by definition, implies a system that employs chemical processing to separate uranium from thorium, and fuel from fission products. Chemical processing of any type is very difficult with solid nuclear fuels, like uranium dioxide fuel or thorium dioxide fuel. It is much simpler with fluid fuels, and simplest of all with liquid fluoride fuels. In liquid fluoride form, the chemical processing needed to realize the potential of thorium as a nuclear fuel is much more straightforward, and thus the benefits of thorium can be realized.

Myth: We know that it will take at least thirty years to build a thorium reactor.

thorium reactor

Fact: No one knows how long it will take, but we do have valuable analogies to examine. The Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment (MSRE) went from a new start to criticality in five years, and went on to operate for another five years, in the equivalent of $80M in today’s funding. When Rickover asked the Atomic Energy Commission in the early 1950s how long it would take them to build a reactor for a nuclear submarine, they carefully considered it and told him that one should be ready by the 1980s. The USS Nautilus put to sea in 1954. Drive and determination to achieve a goal, coupled with technological competence, work wonders on the timeline for a new technology development. Given incentive, financial resources, and a responsive regulatory environment, thorium-fueled liquid-fluoride reactors can be designed, demonstrated, and implemented in a reasonable period.

Misrepresentation: Thorium reactors still need uranium or plutonium. This is a proliferation risk.

This is a misrepresentation of how a liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) operates. It is true that any reactor, including a LFTR, needs fissile material in order to start up. This is the “initial inventory” by nuclear engineers, and it is necessary for “achieving criticality,” which is what the startup of a nuclear reactor is called. Natural thorium contains no fissile isotopes, so this material must be supplied initially. But it is a misrepresentation to say that LFTRs still need to be supplied with uranium or plutonium after this initial startup. LFTRs generate new fissile fuel from the thorium in their blanket (a region of the reactor that surrounds the active core).

In the blanket thorium absorbs neutrons and forms new nuclear fuel, uranium-233, which is chemically extracted and added to the fuel salt of the LFTR. So after being provided with the initial fissile material to start the reactor, it doesn’t need anymore. It uses the neutrons of the fission reaction to continue to make the fuel it needs. Furthermore, if enriched uranium or plutonium were to be used to start LFTRs, this would not constitute a “proliferation risk”. Using this material to start a LFTR is not going to help countries that don’t have nuclear weapons to obtain them. Rather, it would work against that risk by permanently destroying this material (through fission) and replacing it with a material (uranium-233) that has strong intrinsic barriers against diversion for use in nuclear weapons.

Misrepresentation: Using thorium would require a resumption of reprocessing in the United States.

This misrepresentation requires some additional background explanation. Early in the nuclear era, it was assumed that the spent nuclear fuel produced from solid-uranium-fueled reactors (which also contained plutonium) would be chemically processed to separate the uranium and plutonium from the fission products and from one another. Then the uranium and plutonium would be refabricated into new solid fuel pellets and used again in uranium-fueled reactors. There was particularly strong interest that the uranium/plutonium fuel would be used for sodium-cooled fast breeder reactors. France built a huge chemical processing facility for nuclear fuel at La Hague for this purpose.

There was a fear that the same chemical processing technology that would be used to handle civilian spent nuclear fuel would be exported, along with civilian nuclear power plants, to developing countries around the world that did not already have either a civilian nuclear power program or a nuclear weapons program. The fearful scenario continued with the expectation that the possession of the technology to chemically separate plutonium from uranium would prove so tempting to those non-weapons countries that they would build special plutonium-producing “production” reactors, just as the US, USSR, UK, France, and China had done, in order to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons, and then employ the chemical processing technology to extract that plutonium and use it to fabricate weapons.

This never happened. Any country that wanted to develop nuclear weapons did so prior to obtaining civilian nuclear power or chemical processing technology. Other countries like Germany and Japan developed conventional chemical processing technology for nuclear fuel but never built “production reactors” or fabricated nuclear weapons. Furthermore, conventional nuclear chemical processing has nothing to do with the liquid-fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) technology we advocate since the chemical processing in a LFTR is based on fluoride chemistry (totally different from conventional chemical processing technology) and on the separation of uranium from thorium, not plutonium from uranium.

The chemical processing technology proposed for a LFTR would be ineffective if someone attempted to use it to separate plutonium from uranium, and furthermore the LFTR is designed to make as little plutonium as possible. If plutonium is used to start a LFTR, it is consumed in the first few months as the reactor establishes its fuel cycle, again, based on thorium and uranium-233. The chemical processing system proposed for use in the LFTR is entirely contained in the reactor facility, and operates at high temperatures and under high radiation fields. It is essentially impossible to repurpose this system once it has operated, and it simply isn’t designed to produce any materials suitable for weapons.

Those who perpetuate this misrepresentation play on public ignorance of different chemical processing techniques to cause people to believe that conventional, aqueous reprocessing techniques (often called “PUREX”) are just the same as those that would be used in the LFTR. They’re not. In fact, they’re absolutely nothing like one another.

Myth: There’s no point to developing thorium reactors because it will still produce radiation.

Fact: Yes, the fission of uranium-233 from thorium will still produce fission products that are highly radioactive, and these will have to be carefully isolated until they decay away. But to reject fission because of the production of radioactive materials is to miss a tremendous opportunity to help mankind. Many desirable products of thorium reactors come about precisely because the fission products are radioactive. The beneficial use of medical radioisotopes relies on the fact that these products are radioactive, which allows them to be used for imaging and treatment in the body. Fission reactions are the only practical ways for many of these medical radioisotopes to be generated in sufficient quantities and at affordable prices.

Furthermore, nearly all fission products have short half-lives, which means that they rapidly decay to a stable, non-radioactive state. Only a handful of fission products, including strontium-90, cesium-137, and samarium-151, have half-lives that require isolation beyond a century.

Myth: Molten salt will explode on contact with air and water.

FHRFact: Anti-nuclear campaigners who propagate this myth are confusing chemically-stable fluoride salts with chemically-reactive liquid metals like sodium that have been proposed as reactor coolants in other types of reactors. Fluoride salts do not explode or react with air and water because of their tremendous chemical stability. Furthermore, they chemically trap important fission products like strontium and cesium as very stable fluorides in their fuel form. Finally, to be clear, liquid metallic sodium (not used in liquid fluoride reactors) is very reactive with air and water; sodium chloride (table salt, also not used in liquid fluoride reactors) is not reactive; sodium fluoride (sometimes used in liquid fluoride reactors) is not reactive and is even more chemically stable than sodium chloride.

Myth: All radiation is dangerous at any dose level.

Fact: We are continuously surrounded by radiation, nearly all of which comes from natural sources. Our bodies themselves are naturally radioactive due to the presence of carbon-14 and potassium-40. All lifeforms have radiation repair mechanisms and indeed are always repairing radiation damage to their DNA, a great deal of which comes from being exposed to the Sun. Small doses of radiation are not dangerous because they do not overwhelm the body’s radiation repair mechanisms, and most natural and manmade doses are very small.

Myth: Radiation is a silent threat that is difficult to detect.

Fact: While we do not have natural senses that detect ionizing radiation, radiation in utterly miniscule quantities is easy to detect and verify with modern instruments, and the various signatures will determine whether it is naturally-occurring or manmade. The intensity of the radiation will allow trained personnel to evaluate the potential risk.

Myth: All radioactive material is dangerous, and a long half life means it is really dangerous.

Fact: The longer the half-life, the less radioactive and less dangerous a substance is. Some radioactive materials with long half-lives, such as plutonium-239, are hazardous only in certain conditions such as inhalation because of their specific type of radioactive decay (alpha emission). Fission products—the results of the fission reaction—do not decay by alpha emission but rather by beta and gamma emission. This still presents a hazard but one of a different nature, and one that is well-understood.

Myth: radioactivity lasts forever.

Fact: Radioactivity means the material is decaying away and the most radioactive substances are those that are going away the most quickly.

Myth: Nuclear energy equals nuclear weapons.

Fact: Nuclear reactors that generate power and nuclear weapons are totally different things. Every country that has developed nuclear weapons has done so because they set out to do so. They used the same techniques that the United States did during the Manhattan Project of World War 2, namely the enrichment of natural uranium and the production of plutonium in dedicated nuclear reactors meant only for this purpose. No country has taken electricity-generated nuclear reactor technology from another country and perverted it into a means to produce nuclear weapons. Furthermore, the inherent resistance of thorium and its byproducts to use in nuclear weapons were the central reason why it was rejected for use in nuclear weapons during the Manhattan Project and why it has lagged in development ever since.

thorium_reservesMyth: The world will never change and accept energy from thorium.

Fact: The world is always changing. We have to decide whether to make the changes needed to embrace this natural, sustainable, reliable and economical energy source.

Has Our Galactic Time-Line Changed?

By Guest Contributor Condor


I know this question will sound odd.  Did you ever happen to watch any of the “The Next Generation Star Trek- TV Series (1986-1994)? On February 17, 1990, mid-way through this eight-year series, a remarkable episode arose which really captured my attention.  A one-minute clip of that episode is found at the link below:

Yesterday’s Enterprise

In this remarkable episode, in a blink of an eye, the galactic time-line had changed for reasons initially unknown. In one moment, we had the familiar Enterprise spaceship exploring a relatively peaceful galaxy with military personnel, their families and children on board.  It the very next moment, the Enterprise is a warring vessel filled with Federation soldiers ready to continue an ongoing multi-decade war with an alien species.

Except for one individual, there is no indication that anyone on board the vessel senses the slightest difference in historical timelines. What is…has always been…and will always be.

Only one person on board the Enterprise warship, an alien named Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg-see image to right), instantly senses there has been a terrible galactic time-line change. She can’t quite put her finger on it but as she passes among the crew she senses echoes from she other time-line. Fan favorite characters, who died in prior years, are now alive on this war vessel.

New characters, who had been carefully developed over recent episodes no longer exist. The galaxy which was reasonably at peace is before in the other time-line, is now in turmoil everywhere. Technology is not as advanced as before. There has only been innovation for killing not for living and sharing.

Why am I taking the effort to bring this Next Generation episode up? Back in 2015, I was in my 3rd year of the thorium investigation when I suddenly connected some profound “dots”.  I was immediately struck with a terrible epiphany which shook me to the very core. It is like a bad science fiction nightmare that you cannot wake-up from.  Three events, one in 1963, another is 1969 and the last one in 1972, dramatically changed humanity’s time-line.

President Kennedy was championing a Star Trek future for humanity.  The Thorium technology, and it inventor, Alvin Weinberg had a promising power source, which could transform our world for the better while aiding Trekkies in reaching the stars.

I knew I would eventually adapt to the new alternative time-line. Before closing this chapter and continuing with my research, I felt compelled to write out the story board.  I wrote a short-story version of “A Wonderful Life” and I even had a couple dozen tee-shirts printed up.

Galt t-shirt.JPGI wear these T-shirts (both black and white) in public at least once a week.  I get quizzical looks.

Once in a great while, someone will be familiar with the Thorium story and mention it to me. Over the last three years some individuals will say they loved the John Galt book. I will smile and nod.

How can I tell the stranger who speaks up that an evil ancient cabal of criminal bankers have successfully turned humanity’s Star Trek future time-line into a prison planet time-line with humanity enslaved like a pen of hogs just waiting to be thinned and slaughtered?

Dare I tell them I believe Ayn Rand was thirty years ahead of Dan Brown in writing code.

Being a realist, if it took me three long years before I swallowed the red pill, I can’t expect anyone who lives in the Matrix to snap out of their trance and understand a world far outside their comfort zone. Not only would the stranger come away from our brief encounter wondering if I escaped some Lonnie-toon home the stranger might ask the government to see if I have any guns I should be relieved of. I would likely have ruined the stranger’s nice day.

I still believe there is great hope for the future and that we can return to the Star Trek time line. The criminal cabal never expected Ayn Rand and J. Robert Oppenheimer to collaborate on the epic novel, Atlas Shrugged.

As it opened my eyes to the time-line shift, so too might it one day open the eyes of the twenty-five to fifty million individuals who have read the book over the last sixty-one years. Just as it took teamwork on their part back in 1946, so too, might our collaboration open the eyes of humanity.

Maybe one day someone will come up to me and say, I learned the entire story on AIM4Truth.  Can you update me on what has happened since?