Donald Trump Jr. Has Had Enough With Lying Democrats in Trump Districts

Enough! These Democrats in Trump districts said they were with @realDonaldTrump. They lied! – Now now its time to hear from OUR MOVEMENT. Here’s a complete thread of their handles & phone #s. Call non-stop, tweet at them, tell them this will NOT STAND & you’ll remember in Nov! RT

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) December 14, 2019


Tom O’Halleran (AZ-1)@RepOHalleran@TomOHalleran
(202) 225-3361

Lucy McBath (GA-6)@RepLucyMcBath@Lucymcbath
(202) 225-4501

Lauren Underwood (IL-14)@RepUnderwood@LaurenUnderwood
(202) 225-2976

Cheri Bustos (IL-17)@RepCheri@CheriBustos
(202) 225-5905

Abby Finkenauer (IA-1)@RepFinkenauer@Abby4Iowa
(202) 225-2911

Dave Loebsack (IA-2)@DaveLoebsack@DaveForIowa
(202) 225-6576

Cindy Axne (IA-3)@RepCindyAxne@Axne4Congress
(202) 225-5476

Jared Golden (ME-2)@RepGolden@Golden4Congress
(202) 225-6306

Elissa Slotkin (MI-8)@RepSlotkin@ElissaSlotkin
(202) 225-4872

Haley Stevens (MI-11)@RepHaleyStevens@HaleyLive
(202) 225-8171

Angie Craig (MN-2)@RepAngieCraig@AngieCraigMN
(202) 225-2271

Collin Peterson (MN-7)@CollinPeterson
(202) 225-2165

Susie Lee (NV-3)@RepSusieLee@SusieLeeNV
(202) 225-3252

Chris Pappas (NH-1)@RepChrisPappas@ChrisPappasNH
(202) 225-5456

Jefferson Van Drew (NJ-2)@CongressmanJVD@VanDrewForNJ
(202) 225-6572

Andy Kim (NJ-3)@RepAndyKimNJ@AndyKimNJ
(202) 225-4765

Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5)@RepJoshG@JoshGottheimer
(202) 225-4465

Mikie Sherrill (NJ-11)@RepSherrill@MikieSherrill
(202) 225-5034

Xochitl Torres Small (NM-2)@RepTorresSmall@XochforCongress
(202) 225-2365

Max Rose (NY-11)@RepMaxRose@MaxRose4NY
(202) 225-3371

Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18)@RepSeanMaloney@MaloneyforNY
(202) 225-5441

Antonio Delgado (NY-19)@RepDelgado@DelgadoforNY19
(202) 225-3665

Anthony Brindisi (NY-22)@RepBrindisi@ABrindisiNY
(202) 225-3665

Kendra Horn (OK-5)@RepKendraHorn@HornForCongress
(202) 225-2132

Matt Cartwright (PA-8)@RepCartwright@CartwrightPA
(202) 225-5546

Conor Lamb (PA-17)@RepConorLamb@ConorLambPA
(202) 225-2301

Joe Cunningham (SC-1)
(202) 225-3176

Ben McAdams (UT-4)@RepBenMcAdams@BenMcAdams
(202) 225-3011




9 thoughts on “Donald Trump Jr. Has Had Enough With Lying Democrats in Trump Districts”

  1. i have enough too,,,this is the 2. time i see that Trump jr, is killing rare species,, exotic animals ,he is a hunter and that is
    enough for me,,,as D. Trump signed to make hunting legal,,,that for me is totally the wrong door,,,,
    thou shall not kill,,,that includes animals ,,,especially for trophies,,

  2. Ok Trump Jr…. Umm that’s not cool. Copying Democrats harrassment technique is not a Republican way to deal with it and by the way against the law- really dumb idea.

    1. We approve of Don Jr’s tactic. This is the Great Information War and we are all fighting the propaganda war waged by the Pilgrims Society. We identify as PATRIOTS, not Dems or Repubicans.

    1. If they are still pushing the use of uranium, it’s globalist propaganda. They want uranium so that they can make nuclear weapons. Thorium is the safe, efficient, and clean way to run power plants.

  3. Jefferson Van Drew (NJ – 2) You might want to Congratulate him, he switched from Dem to GOP today, 12/15/19. He was also one of the 2 who originally voted NO on Impeachment. He’s now officially a good guy & his District is Red so I’m sure they’re happy.

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