The Swamp is filled with SES enemies of America

This audio is from an original recording in April 2018. Today, December 28, 2019, Betsy and Thomas’ reporting of the Senior Executive Services, SERCO, the Mueller Report, and the overthrow attempt of Donald Trump by the British is still going UNREPORTED in the alternative and mainstream media. Eventually, they will have to giddy up because this is TRUTH and it isn’t going to be hidden from the citizens of planet Earth any longer.

We updated the audio by adding memes which our AIM community loves to use for information warfare. Please be our guest to snip any of the memes and/or download the video . It is easy to do  – just find the download tab just below the video frame. Then upload to your channel platform- whether it is on Vimeo, BitChute, YouTube, or other. We are all information warriors doing our part for FULL DISCLOSURE.

The Swamp is filled with SES enemies of America


3 thoughts on “The Swamp is filled with SES enemies of America”

  1. RE: SES or SEA
    Starship 7………Mothership, we have a problem, over.
    Mothership…….State the nature of your problem please.
    Starship 7………We may have underestimated the size of our enemy!
    Mothership…….How so,
    Starship 7……….Recent data bank searches on SES have uncovered some troubling information.
    Mothership……..Senior Executive Services? Dark Lord Obamas, stay behind army!
    Starship 7……….Correct, our intelligence operatives believe these agents have infiltrated and seized control of all major western governments on planet earth.
    Mothership…….What is your evidence, Starship 7
    Starship 7 ……..Our first clue in our research was a document showing how the World Bank advised on how to navigate treaties with SES, download link.
    Mothership…….Download received, sending to the Miners for verification, please continue Starship 7
    Starship 7………Further research has verified that indeed other governments have been compromised, The Australian Government download link.
    Mothership…….Holy $hit Starship 7, are there more?
    Starship 7…….Affirmative, in the first download there is a chart naming the specific major strongholds, though we do speculate that there are smaller forces that have been compromised upon reading the document further.
    Mothership……Please expound further Starship 7
    Starship 7……..Note in the World Bank Document, they refer to them as SES cadres, we believe they do not all use the same identification handles, likely to avoid detection. We also believe they all belong to a larger collective. SEA Senior Executive Agency. Download link.
    Mothership……It resembles a Union, once popular and powerful in the USA 50 years ago. What else have you found?
    Starship 7……..We also believe they have a specific entry program called Pipeline as evidence shows in the Korean SEA. Download link.
    Mothership……The evidence is overwhelming Starship 7, we are going to recommend the fleet go to yellow alert status.
    Starship 7……..We also believe SES, SEA have infiltrated most of the major corporations on the planet, especially media, Internet, and State governments.
    Mothership…..Red Alert, Red Alert, all forces be advised to raise shields. Miners, prepare to dig!
    Starship 7…….Be advised, starship 7 has sustained damage in his internet information war room, video capabilities are down until repairs can be completed. We only have texting capabilities up.
    Mothership…….Thank you Starship 7 may the force be with us.
    Starship 7………Roger that. Over and out!

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