Is the IRS Protecting David Brock of Media Matters?

Lois Lerner takes the 5th

Is the IRS Protecting David Brock of Media Matters?

In August 2019, we posted the note below about David Brock. We will keep posting it until we get results and give patriots a follow up on whether the IRS is treating all taxpayers fairly. To date, we have not received correspondence from the IRS about our whistleblower complaint formerly acknowledged by a letter of February 2017 for American 21st Century. We wrote on a Cat Report of August 2019:

We filed a complaint against David Brock’s non-profits for tax fraud. We gave the IRS extensive records, more than 300 pages, all of which were available from public filings of these so-called ‘non-profits’. We received two notices that our materials were received with a whistleblower complaint number. We filed in 2017 and received this letter:

IRS letter for American 21st Century

Below is the document we filed. We sent it nicely packaged in a three ring-binder with flash drive copies as well. We practically did all their F*CKING work for them. We made copies of the IRS forms where the fraud is so obvious even a rookie IRS agent could spot it. We still haven’t heard anything about this in-your-face tax fraud.

And you know why we haven’t heard back from them? Our guess is that some Senior Executive Services stooge is keeping this file from being acted upon because David Brock and Shareblue are Democrat babies..

russia collusion

Calling on information warriors to push this information around the internet. This is an information war as Media Matters knows. Time to put the heat on them. Look at the documents yourself to see the tax fraud. Then get a copy to your congressperson and ask them what’s up with the IRS that it can be all up in Tea Party patriot business, but can’t get David Brock’s non-profits audited and reconciled in almost 3 years.

Who are these lazy, stupid, incompetent people running our government? (Although, technically, the IRS is just a henchman squad for the private Federal Reserve as it hustles taxpayers for mo-money, mo-money.)

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2 thoughts on “Is the IRS Protecting David Brock of Media Matters?”

  1. finally someone is looking into david brock, his brother and media matters. a dunce could find the evidence here but somehow our govt officials cant. how about robby mook next??

    1. The IRS is run by the enemy – Senior Executive Service operatives put in place to protect the globalists and their foot soldiers like David Brock (BF of James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong fame) while they harass average citizens, like Lois Lerner did with Tea Party Patriots, over their politics and taxes. There are SES operatives stalling the investigation of David Brock. Basically, our government is run by lazy pigs of the SES that are there to keep the government intact until the Iranians, Chinese, or Pilgrims Society find another Manchurian candidate to take out DJT.

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