James E. Boasberg and the Oxford Union


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Yr. Oxford College Term Globalist presidents of the Oxford Union during James E. “Jeb” Boasberg’s 1985 student tenure with ABC’s George Stephanopolous College
1985 Hilary (from Jan  to Mar)

Roland Rudd

Regent’s Park
After graduating, Rudd worked as a policy coordinator for David Owen and the Social Democratic Party (he was the first SDP president of the Oxford Union). He was a financial journalist at the Sunday Correspondent and the Financial Times. In 1994, Rudd left the Financial Times to found RLM Finsbury https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finsbury_(public_relations) with Rupert Younger. Rudd told The Independent in 2011, “I was at the Financial Times, writing about M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and conglomerates. Finsbury was hired by Russian Oligarch Alisher Usmanov, large early Facebook investor, to clean up his image. Rudd has been consistently accused of feeding stories by Robert Preston https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Peston, the Business Editor for BBC News and Economics Editor, which makes sense given his Pilgrims Society connections.
1985 Trinity (from Apr to Jun)

Neil Sherlock

Christ Church
KPMG, PWC partner
Sir Nick Clegg (former Deputy Prime Minister, Vice President of Global Communication for Facebook); anti-Brexit advisor to the French Chamber of Commerce; Pilgrims Society, Trustee to the Carnegie UK Trust
1985 Michaelmas (from Oct to Dec)

Anthony Goodman

New College
He began his career in public relations in the UK. He is Co-Chair of The Conference Board (NY) ESG Center’s Human Capital Oversight & Disclosure Working Group. He was also founder and co-chair of the Shareholder-Director Exchange (SDX), which developed the first protocol for board-shareholder engagement in the US. Writer for the Pilgrims Society Financial Times.
Essentially, Russell Reynolds is a globalist Pilgrims Society coordinating body of “consultants” who tell their clients how to fall in line https://www.russellreynolds.com/consultants
1899 Hilary

John Buchan (later Lord Tweedsmuir)

Co-founder of the Pilgrims Society; delegate to the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909; founder of the Empire Press Union that founded MI6, MI5, GC&CS now GCHQ; First director of the Ministry of Information (1916, WWII propaganda, formerly Wellington House British War Propaganda Bureau led by Cecil Rhodes relative and Charles F.G. Masterman); Masterman also handled all monopolistic secret contracting with Marconi Wireless that later PM Lloyd George was caught buying Marconi stock in the U.S.
1903 Hilary

Herbert Asquith

British PM who oversaw the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909; Empire Press Union founding of MI6, MI5 and GC&CS now GCHQ; Imperial War Cabinet (WWI)
1920 Michaelmas

Beverley Nichols

Restarted and edited The ISIS after WWI (Oxford)
1980 Michaelmas

Rupert Soames

CEO of SERCO, globalist Pilgrims Society societal takeover company; runs US FEMA Regions 2 & 9; runs the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office from 2006); Obamacare website; much U.S. Navy Space Wars program;grandson of Pilgrims Society co-founder Winston Churchill; co-founder the Imperial War Cabinet (1916); supporter of the 2nd Boer War and British concentration camps (1899-1902);
Soames is listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolitta Express” pedophile “Little Black Book” along with Ghislaine Maxwell whose father Robert Maxwell owned The ISIS from 1962-1970.


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    1. Sounds to me like all this love and defense for shown to this terrorist by the MSM, and other nefarious actors that he was on there best buddy’s contact list!

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    1. Note to our community: We have not found von Reitz materials to be useful in our research. Very confusing, filled with disinformation, etc. We will leave it posted so that others will know that we are just extending a posting courtesy to johnsoulman.

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