Guber Huber and Fake News

Betsy and Thomas explain why Huber’s so-called ‘released report’ is an attempt to exonerate Hillary from her sins of the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

In this audio you will learn how propaganda like this, which used to work when patriots were asleep, is backfiring on the enemy. Thomas also explains what this fake news strategy is really about.

Guber Huber and Fake News

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Keep in mind that Senators cannot actively campaign for President while an impeachment trial is going on in the Senate.

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This would effect Senator Elizabeth Warren, too.

Click on the headline links below to learn more:

presstitutes fake newsMaybe this was the plan all along

Bernie can’t afford to skip campaigning weeks before Iowa with poll numbers like this!

Is Pelosi timing the impeachment articles’ release to damage Bernie and other Senators?



5 thoughts on “Guber Huber and Fake News”

  1. Need to talk to Charles Ortel to get all the real investigations of truth about Hillary and Bill Clinton charity and foundations…. he has it all. Seems no one is listening and it’s all there in his records ready to be proven wrong, but it won’t be. Cheers

  2. this ‘filth’ … that runs this nation should be ashamed AND embarrassed to show their faces in public … may our “CREATOR” have no mercy on this filth and wipe them from this earth with a vengeance … burn this nation to the ground . it has no right to say ‘ in god we trust ‘ … what low life slimy filth …

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