2020 Election Rigging Has Begun

Cloudflare is back in the news today, offering to protect elections for free. Don’t fall for it. It’s a globalist trap that we warned you about in November 2018. The players and systems discussed in the Mike and Doug audio below are still highly relevant. Refresh yourself on the topic.

Then look under the headline links below – we left you some great material to share with your network of citizens concerned about rigged voting.

How Cloudflare and Joe Sullivan are rigging elections


Cloudflare Launches Cloudflare for Campaigns to Protect U.S. Election Campaigns, At No Cost


Joseph Sullivan chart

Click on headline links to read deeper:

Cloudflare recruits state and local governments for free election site security program





Massive Election Fraud From Entrust Thoma Bravo and Hillary Clinton


Robert Mueller Muscling Hillary Clinton for Encryption Keys

Call to Action:

President Trump can immediately direct his Federal Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority (FPKIPA) to revoke any and all Certificate Authorities that are engaged in supporting treasonous or seditious activity against the United States. This is a matter of grave national security that falls under the rubric of recent State of Emergency Executive Orders.

Specifically, any certificate authorities associated directly or through surrogates with Robert S. Mueller, III, James P. Chandler, III, James B. Comey, Michael Chertoff, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jerry C. Jones, Joseph E. Sullivan, Orlando Bravo should be revoked immediately.

Regarding foreign election meddling, any Certificate Authority currently providing services to the state boards of elections that maintain encryption keys offshore should be immediately revoked.

As a part of this review, the President should evaluate the qualifications and loyalties of the members of the Federal Public Key Infrastructure Policy Authority (FPKIPA) which is comprised of members “appointed by each federal agency’s CIO, and the group operates under the authority of the Federal CIO Council.”


Why security company Cloudflare is protecting U.S. election sites for free


cloudflare athenian project.JPG

Cloudflare launches free protection for election websites


Full interview: Cloudflare founder Matthew Prince talks election security


CloudFlare is a perfect “man-in-the-middle” vote changing tool


Bookmark: #certificate-authorities | https://tinyurl.com/ycolj834

certificate authorities
Certificate Authorities ILLUSTRATION. (Accessed Nov. 17, 2018). Federal Public Key Infrastructure Guides. CIO.gov, Idmanagement.gov, GSA. See also GSA.https://fpki.idmanagement.gov/ca/ and https://www.idmanagement.gov/fpkipa/

Share this with your circle of influence: https://tinyurl.com/y8cz4s8d


And by the way, patriots in other countries, Cloudflare is your issue, too. Sullivan’s operation rigs elections all around the world with this system.


Patriots Stop Election Rigging!



Foreign election rigging steals American votes for Globalists


2 thoughts on “2020 Election Rigging Has Begun”

  1. EVERY ELECTION Needs to be ALL PAPER BALLOTS with CHAIN OF CUSTODY by Representatives of EVERY PARTY IN THAT ELECTION who HAND DELIVER the BALLOTS DIRECTLY TO EACH SECRETARY of STATE. NO ONE ELSE TOUCHES THEM! ABSOLUTELY NO MORE ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES TtHEY’RE ALL TOO EASY TO FIX AS PROVEN BY WHAT HAPPENED IN FLORIDA WHEN IT WAS GEE DUBYA VS JOHN KERRY. A vote on the surface for Kerry, on the INSIDE went to Gee Dubya! Mitt Romney owns the company(ies) that makes most of the voting machines. Biased? there’s that AND the fact he, himself is IN politics. BAD Combination! Nothing Neutral. It should be illegal for a politician to OWN a company/business that MAKES Electronic Voting Machines. Talk about a Conflict of Interest and an easy opening for Partisanship shenanigans……….. Wowsa!


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