Smell of Swamp: Bill Barr Lets Andrew McCabe Skate

Betsy and Thomas smell the stench and it looks like Bill Barr is pure swamp.

Smell of Swamp: Bill Barr Lets Andrew McCabe Skate


And while we are at it, let’s reveal the real Q – Qinetiq

SERCO and Qinetiq & Carlyle Groups



Use the DOJ SES 500 Research Tool

Our community has known about the SES corruption with the DOJ back in March 2018 with this discussion between Michael and Douglas.

The American SS Exposed

HJC Chairman Jerry Nadler Demands Testimony From AG Bill Barr – Scheduled Hearing March 31st

Ok Boomer Barr!

AG Barr: Trump Tweets ‘Make It Impossible to Do My Job’

Trump tweets treason

Barr shows his naivety of how patriots are winning the Great Information War. And if he and Durham don’t get with the patriot TRUTH and FULL DISCLOSURE program, they are going to be rolled over by millions of patriots who aren’t taking this Deep State swamp stall-n-delay biz anymore.

Will Billy-boy be a patriot or a turncoat?

William Barr is SES

AIM patriots say our President isn’t tweeting enough. We love Trump Tweets, especially when he sprays (like a good exterminator) the opposition with such truth that it sends the cockroaches scurrying back into the dark recesses of a swamp full of lies, deceit, propaganda, terror, and warmongers.

Tom Fitton: “The Justice Dept. Is in Crisis. It’s Not Because of Donald Trump Complaining About It”

5 thoughts on “Smell of Swamp: Bill Barr Lets Andrew McCabe Skate”

  1. I’m going to look at the positive side, we will need another rope! Seeing the size of this full of wind, bagpipe playing despot it’s going to need to be a heavy duty rope!

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