Dr. ‘Mengele’ Fauci – Global Death Lord

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Dr. Fauci – Global Death Lord

Here are some memes to share with your audience to help them understand who these characters are…really, behind their CDC masks. Don’t let your memes be dreams – make your own and launch them into your social network.

Anthony Fauci globalist pig

.ali fauci

.anthony fauci eugenicist

.chalk fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci Wants to Exterminate Your Family by Transfection

Pay attention, patriot warriors. This is a bad dude, colleague of Anthony Fauci, creating bioweapons to take out humanity.

charles lieber

mesh netting2017 Awardees. (2017). Charles M. Lieber, Harvard University, NIH Director’s Pioneer Award Recipients. NIH.


Refresh your memory of Charles M. Lieber. This posted on January 28, 2020. Harvard department chair arrested; charged with concealing ties to China



4 thoughts on “Dr. ‘Mengele’ Fauci – Global Death Lord”

  1. Please, your speculation as to why Fauci still on platform during daily briefings! Does the President have this info? Again many thanks for all you send out that feeds Spirit and Mind!

  2. Dr. Karladine Graves explains hydroxychloroquine medications for COVID-19 and tells about Fauci who she thinks obstructed the use, also from government part came opposition. Weird and not nice!

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