21 thoughts on “Obama’s going down with the swamp rat ship”

  1. This was a GREAT discussion!
    I’ve decided I might just have to buy a large screen TV, get myself some cable or streaming, get the invitations ready for everyone ( more than 10) to come on over in order to eat popcorn ( from the same giant bowl) while cheering ( no masks) the executions! I can’t imagine the criminals have any more major tricks up their sleeves except to turn off the internet or an alien invasion…..
    Yup, I’m feeling much better now! 😃

    1. We totally swamped them. While they were chasing Schifty and Naples’s around the congressional hearings, we were doing deep research and gathering those pesky FACTS that prove their seditious conspiracy. It’s a good thing that we are growing our own hemp these days. Makes excellent rope for exiting these traitors off the world’s stage. They failed in their Earth test to become better humans so we need to send them back to their Maker for a wash and repeat. Maybe in the next lifetime they will be better citizens.

    2. Not only does the 1% have more tricks in case they are run out of town they have an exit strategy as the SS did after WWII. Those Nuremberg trials executed a few criminals but over 60,000 were sent to USA. and worked in our factories such as 3M and headed up programs like Werner Von Braun did. The Lord above is going to help us but we got a lotta work to do for decades. Just remember to have fun every chance you get.

    3. they will be sitting in Gitmo for a looooooooong time before they get executed because as traitors they can be held indefinitely for as long as it takes to fully put the rebellion down

    1. The 1% are eugenists of the bluest bloodlines, Rothschilds, Rockefeller’s, the Queen’s family even have controlled US since JFK covertly.

  2. Dear Betsy and Thomas,
    I’ve been listening to you religiously for more than a year now and with your help I red pilled several of my friends. I was looking for a bit where you”re talking about salt for CV. Unfortunately, cant find it.You’re, guys, one of few people that I trust. So, please, advice
    Thank you in advanced
    Sincerely, Inna Shturman

  3. I pray for President Trump and his family every day, but it seems even more important now. There are reports of Secret Service and others testing positive in The White House. The virus I’m concerned about is the Globalist virus. What evil are they planning now that more evil is being exposed? 🙏

  4. Betsy & Douglas I’ve been following you both for a few years now and I keep hearing news that gets my hopes up but never see anything happen! I want the guilty to be indicted, convicted, and sent to jail!!!
    God Bless you both!
    Dan Bongiorno

    1. Every day we get closer. This is an Information War. To win, we need more people to wake up. It doesn’t have to be much…just win the November election in a red tsunami. Vote straight Republican to wipe the Dems out of Congress. Then the deep housecleaning can start.

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