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How Many Federal Crimes Were Committed in this Election Fraud Operation?

Michael, Douglas, and Tyla review the latest updates on election fraud. They explain, once again, how Mark Malloch-Brown, a UK Privy Councilor, is behind the foreign election interference and how the traitors in America are committing massive conspiracy.

Raw audio:


From July 18, 2018 Evil Men Who Rig Our Elections. We told you about Dominion, Sequoia, Smartmatic, Hart InterCivic, and their shared software Optech. We busted Mitt’s son Tagg Romney for running the backroom ops for dad Mitt – OVER TWO YEARS AGO!

Is President Trump on a Ship at Sea?

AIM Patriot John C. writes:

Trump does not have Corona and is instead on a ship at sea.

I figured out something about a video he posted today – and it is good news. I also did not want to post this for his own security but someone else figured it out on a forum and got total agreement so I figured the genie is out of the bottle so I might as well post it –

IF, and only IF this video Trump posted today really was recorded today, Trump is not at Walter Reed hospital, he is on a ship, and not even a military quality one. Military quality ships have full stabilization and you can’t even tell you are at sea. The ship he is on has stabilization, but it is not military grade stabilization. It looks like he’s on a super yacht. I would not be surprised. . . . . Blow that video up to full screen and watch it. The camera gets Nyquist noise on the flag stripes at precise intervals. Even if the camera is stabilized, the flags are not and this regular rhythmic appearance of Nyquist noise, without the flags actually appearing to sway, is exactly what you’d get on a ship if the ship has good, but not perfect stabilization.

Read more about this situation under this link.

President Trump is recovering well at Walter Reed! Enlarge the screen and watch the rolling motion of the area.



Now that we have neutralized the enemy with truth at the American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation, we need to gather momentum and grow our movement. Next operation is going to be so much fun you won’t believe you are actually “fighting” to restore the Republic.

We call it Operation: Trump Fangirl.

To get started, please watch the video below so that everyone knows what a fangirl is. Watch it until the end.

For the love of fangirls | Yve Blake

Confession. Like most of you patriot ladies, Tyla is a Trump fangirl. She has loved him since he came down the elevator with his super smart and beautiful partner, Melania. Every day women all around the world fall deeper in love with this historic leader who is leading America to greatness, keeping our families safe, and providing an environment of prosperity and peace.

Let’s show our appreciation for everything that he, Melania, and his family have experienced during this 3 year+ overthrow attempt by unleashing the Trump fangirls in each of us. Let’s show other girls, teens, and women how much fun it is to be a fangirl – a Trump fangirl.

Imagine women at the next Trump Rally dressed to the hilt (not Hilton) in Trump glitter and glamor, while squealing like Beatles fans in the 60s. We ask our older lady patriots to set the example. Be the courageous lady pede to put your best fangirl foot forward.

1964 Girls Screaming for The Beatles

It’s a worldwide phenomenon with girls and women.

Michael Jackson ~ Crazy love of fans ~

It is so much fun to be energized and enthusiastic like these young women.

Here are some Trump fangirls – the Deplorable Choir

You will have fun meeting other Trump fangirls and being a part of spontaneous and planned events. Meet up at the rallies or cheer at the mall. Fangirls come in all ages and usually draw in the men, too.

Fangirls will energize Trump rallies, inside and out. When the Gospel and country music groups show up to entertain the crowds, Trump fangirls gather to dance and cheer.

Fangirls are really good at social media so we expect to see lots of videos, tweets, music, and pictures. Please send them to us for posting.

Real men love to hear women squeal with excitement and they will be happy to help President Trump make us squeal even more after an exciting Trump event. (wink)

The Trumpettes

gabriel trumpet horn 2We will be Trump cheerleaders at every rally. It’s a big party and Trump fangirls keep the party going.

Have you ever known a fangirl who couldn’t party?

We call ourselves the Trumpettes and pledge to keep the troops energized through election day. Of course, we women have been entertaining troops for a long time.

It’s an historic thing for women to cheer their men into battle, sports…and, yes, even the bedroom. Team Trump 2020 wins with its cheerleaders!

Andrews Sisters Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

But the best….is what it will do to the Democrats and the media enemies. They will go absolutely berserk! Recall when they said we were a cult. We laughed and said, yeah – Cult 45.

They thought this would shame us and that we would stop. Don’t they understand? The very nature of a trumpet, a trumpette, is to sound the heavenly note that brings humanity back into the harmony of the spheres, a place of transparency and truth, righteousness and consciousness, the Word of God.

Trumpettes: Get serious and make this happen. We welcome women from around the world to join us because our big plan is to use Donald Trump’s platform to usher in world peace and prosperity for all of us.

Ladies, let’s show the boys how to win the Great Information War.

Diehard Trump Fans Exposed on Rally Road Trip | NowThis