3 thoughts on “Trump’s Astrological Chart for December 2020 is Amazing”

  1. So how about the covid injections Trump is pushing ? I can no longer support him due to that. Why would he do that. My greatest concern is the children.The House is working on a Bill to inject all children wothout parental consent. Will he pass that Bill? He passed Kushner & globalist USMCA Bill giving control of America to the U.N. The New American read the Bill publishing the worse parts of the Bill Setting up an action allert to stop it contacting Comgress members & POTUS to stop it, so we know he was aware of it & still passed the bill !
    .Look at the video of him from Walter Reid & make it full screnr you will see the room & creases in the flag moving. The only way to explain that is that he was on a ship or large yatch. I have to wonder if he was sick at all.

  2. You have to understand that Trump is FORCED to play a very deep chess game with the deep state/ swamp. Abe Lincoln & JFK are The only presidents to stand up to the fed (and look at how that turned out for them!)
    The government is so corrupt on both sides and 85% of trumps Covid administration that he inherited is on Bill Gates payroll. Trump is trying his best to somehow maneuver us and he’s forced to give into them at certain times. Notice he didn’t take a vaccine?From months he said therapeutics and he didn’t want to ever shut down the economy then he was tugged in return. A dead Trump wouldn’t do any of us any good …he is surrounded by true evil.

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