Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich


Save your own copy of this important research. We must eliminate the WEF from the face of the earth. We see no signs that the U. S. military is doing diddly-squat in taking out these globalist thugs. We call upon those who can, to do what needs to be done.

Klaus Martin Schwab. (Compiled Mar. 11, 2021). Biography and Timeline. Anonymous Patriots..


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  1. It is the responsibility of EVERY citizen to improve their moral standards of behavior the best they can before leaving home and stepping out into the world. One look at this Schwab clown’s face and one can see his most difficult task is washing the blood out of his costume every day.

  2. You guys are AMAZING! I hope you have sent this info to Trump and the Generals for the take down!!!!!!

  3. The Money-Masters owing the gold stored in Switzerland descends directly from the families that ran the Roman and the Holy Romsn Empire.

    Thus this trust still exist – as the de facto benficiaries of the historical accumulation of war-loot and other aquicitions during their time as military and thus political Masters of all of Europe, all of America and much of FE Asia – from 1050 to 1550 AD, when the nordic kingdoms re-allied against the cultural, political and economical enslavery of Rome in what became a liberation of both Northern Europe and North America, from the earthly powers of the Almighty in Rome and Venice, Paris and Madrid.

    Who used a revolution and a warlord called Napoleon to get revenge – bankrot the protestant kingdoms by forcing them to defend against this “mad emperor”, whose mauric y-dna match up with a later warlord called Hiller or Hitler.

    The first time mauric warriors came to Europe they assisted tribune general Gaius Julius with their mauric cavalery of 400+ war-elephants – a force unrivalled at the time – to invade, conquer, loot and enslave France, Belgium and SW Germany. Since then there’s been mauric families – as well as jewish – obediently serving the very Owners of Romes Imperial Wealth, as it grew during exponentially as The Holy Roman Empire could conquer, loot and enslave Northern Europe too – before using their marine technology to naviagate across the oceans to conquer, loot and enslave the rest of the world.

    Which this Black Nobility – of roman appearance but phoenician origin, apparently – seem to have completed by now. As the parts lost during the protestant liberation now are “back in the fold” of our Holy Herders – today placed above all and everybody else in terms of Monetary, Economical, Political, Academical and Cultural (medial) power.

    They still keep Jupiters old residence in Rome open as their “capitol”, eventhough The Elite of the Black Nobility themselves – such as the descendants of the Gaius-family known as Habsburgian – have moved north from Italy and the Venetian Bay to the higher elevations, where the loot from both N Europe, America and Asia could be stored safely, securely and most secretly – outside the knowledge of ANY publc paper or fora.

    The Emperor of Vienna may have abdicated and moved to Vaduz, the capitol of his peronal barony called Licthenstein. Thus the Holy Roman Empire still exists – as do their extreme assets hidden in the Alps, with which they finance a variety of international banks and financiers – such as the Breakspears of Macau, the Rotschilds of London and their Rocky Morgan Fellas in the US. Combined with the Jesuit network of catholic churches, monestaries, academic institutions, social clubs and masonries – they are about to complete a global network spanning religious, social, political, economical and ‘fiancial’ coperatives that ALL are – neatly – connected to “The Global Network of Corporate Control” described pretty close to correct by the former IMF-controller Karen Hudes, some decades ago.

    Imagine that you’re the head of an “extended family” – also known as ‘clan’ – that together OWE about 1 MILLION metric tons of gold – already by the year 1750. How ould you spend this wealth the next 250 years – to enhance your social and political powers too – to secure and grow your economical regime even further. Finally to eclipse the planet and – by hooks and crooks – narrate the academia and the politcs of the world in your ‘picture’ – to further your Imperial Power and pave the way for a renewal of your political and social Status as “elevated” – in socio-political terms as well as financial – to be venerated, worshipped and served as the real and undisputed Rulers of The World.

    Old wet dreams die hard.

    1. I pray for his sudden exit off earth, and all of them, all the time.
      I ask God why are the good ones assassinated? Why?
      I have nothing but hatred for everyone in the military right now – all of em cowards.

  4. Ahhhhh….A gold standard. How much gold do YOU have? 1,000 tons?1 ton? 6 gold bars? I guess the price and value of gold will be set by those with the gold and the rest of us will be issued uniforms and automatic weapons to cull the herd or be culled, per Babylonian Talmud and Protocols of Zion specifications.

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