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Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace

This book was deleted from the internet. Thanks to Dominique ‘HotepSophia’ (on Gab at @DominiqueRebel) who saved a copy, we have preserved the March 1942 Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace by George Washington Carver. Decades ago, people knew about the nutritional and medicinal qualities of weeds and herbs. Big Pharma came along and started destroying the historical records and making the study of natural medicines forbidden.

How to Construct a Grape Trellis

Helpful tip for those of us setting up orchard gardens. This is a very sturdy grape trellis that we will be building in our backyard to go along with the peach, apple, and cherry trees. We call the backyard plantings our “fruit salad”.


Also a tip for algae growth in hydroponic Kratky buckets – try a splash of colloidal silver water in your containers. For a five gallon bucket, I use about 1/4 cup of the homemade brew. Adjust amount according to bucket size. Unbelievable how well it keeps down or eliminates algae growth as long as you are doing the basics to keep light out of your buckets or channels.


Here’s our homemade recipe for colloidial silver water – so great for all kinds of uses. From COVID, colds, and flues to pool cleaning and hydroponics.

Using Colloidal Silver in Your Swimming Pool

EASY RECIPE: How to make Silver Colloidal Water