President Trump’s Promise to Stand for Life

By James M. Miller

This is really big, because to me, it demonstrates the ‘spirit’ and ‘character’ of DJT. I love this guy. I know this for certain: all that we are capable of being comes from God. It is pure suicide for a nation, to adopt actions, that thwart the expression of God’s spirit in the world. The ‘collective’ spiritual condition of a nation state is expressed in action in the physical world, and “God is Watching”.

Our enemies embrace a lifestyle and world view briefly experienced by Leo Tolstoy, the novelist, but not the ‘man’…one that he renounced eventually.

“I killed people in war, I challenged people to duels in order to kill them, I lost at cards, I consumed the labor of peasants, I punished them, I fornicated, I deceived. Lies, theft, adultery of every kind, drunkenness, violence, murder. … There was no crime I did not commit, and for all this my contemporaries praised me and thought me a relatively moral man, as they still do.”

The crown agents, the SES, and the corrupted America elected in Congress, embrace the debauchery of Tolstoy’s existential quest, but without his repentance and enlightenment. Comey, Steele, Benner, Obama, Rosenstein, etc. will never realize Tolstoy’s enlightenment:

“You can only live as long as you’re drunk with life; but when you sober up, you can’t help but see that all this is just a fraud, and a stupid fraud. Precisely that: there’s nothing even amusing or witty about it; it’s simply cruel and stupid.”; “Confessions”.

This is the beauty, the power, the beatitudes of DJT. He reaches beyond the rational machinations of the political world. Like Tolstoy, having lived through the debaucheries, has realized that the spiritual dimensions of power are unlimited, and are ‘le raison d’etre’. For this alone, he is hated among the elite who cannot escape their own wretchedness. No one has expressed this, but it is plainly evident.

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