British Empire and the Crown – Fleecing the World Through SES and Serco

By James M. Miller

‘What is Communism?” Books proclaim the structure, but from whom does the power emanate’?

My affiliations and research have simplified the answer to this question. It is the ‘hidden British Empire’, which has always been communism. Not the British people, who are victims, but the British Crown. This is nothing more than the old Venetian Mercantile system of control developed by the Medici merchants who bought and sold ‘Popes’ like Welch candy. To give it any name other than ‘tyranny’ is an intellectual weakness, and a distraction from truth.

Just as the illusion of ‘Fascism’ on the ‘Left’ and ‘Communism’ on the right, the British Empire’s control mechanisms through fiat banking is an illusion deeply embedded into America’s collective political paradigm. American’s are divided politically, morally, and economically by slogans and language, and political party factions.

The illusion is strong and controlled by the ‘crown media’, owned by those interlocking corporations, banks, and stock holders, who are controlled by the golden shares of the British Crown.

Communism, is a ‘slogan’ useful for distraction, and divisiveness. In each usage, by tongue or text, it ‘assumes’ its existence of discord, and the dichotomy it promulgates. it perpetuates the illusion; thus rallying the collective subconscious of the unwitting citizens who are moved to ‘fight’ against a shadow…rather than the ‘real body’.

Count DookuThe concept in American politics about communism is like Count Dooku of Star Wars, known as Darth Tyranus, a dangerous Sith who in reality was working for the emperor Palpatine…the most evil of the Sith.

Dooku was hidden. He created the white armored clone warriors. In the end, his identity was revealed…nothing more than a servant of ‘tyranny’ by any other name.

As such, the British Crown, is hidden in America, intertwined in everything, but most significantly in Washington D.C. The crown is manifest in the civil service, reformatted by President Carter, as the Senior Executive Service or SES. They are the embedded controllers. They move in and out of corporations and government at will.

They do not need security clearance. They are paid more than the vice president, and cannot be fired or dismissed accept by an act of Congress. They review themselves. They are in control of every aspect of government, including the Executive White House and the Department of Justice.

They run the Office of Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) which loans taxpayer money by the billions as ‘political insurance’ to “American Businesses” without oversight, and transparency. They are the money laundering schema by which congress is controlled through corruption and bribes—loan the money overseas to a fictitious company, and then bring it back without trace to American elected.

As bad as this is, it is nothing compared to how the defense money is controlled. All DOD contracts are controlled by SES, who give them predominately to SERCO, a company that owns Lockheed Martin, BEA Aerospace, Boeing, etc. It controls America’s airports, Nuclear reprocessing, nuclear weapons management, FEMA training, conventional arms R&D, army medical services, military base supply, tanks, howitzers, etc. SERCO owns and controls America’s military. Who owns SERCO….the British Crown!

What we have in America is not Communism. We have economic tyranny’by fiat bankers who own and control through interlocking directorates, the entire production and security of America. So while, the citizens are fighting the shadow of “Illusion”, they are being fleeced by the British Crown.

Communism or Fascism is not the problem…it is tyranny! What needs to happen is for citizens to cast off the defeatist language of division, and to adopt the language of liberty. We are a Republic with a Constitution created from the Declaration of Independence, whose words echo from the Universe of God, so that ‘Freedom’ is instilled in the minds of men, and sanctified by the ‘rule of law’, where justice is blind, and all are created and treated equally under the law; judged not by an elite, but by their peers. T

he language of Freedom does not recognize polarities, other than tyranny or freedom. Such language recognizes that man is fallible, and must suffer judgement in the world as well as the next by God. In as much, such judgement requires laws among men. This recognition, through the millennia, has tested many systems.

America is the culmination of this millennia of experimentation of government in the world…the ‘Republic’. A Republic is the balance between tyranny and anarchy; where the citizens are required to participate in the Republic by being moral, industrious, and responsible for themselves. There is the expectation that the Republic is like a marriage, where all others are forsaken, under the oath of God, or ‘Pledge of Allegiance’.

In the same sense, critical thinking of an educated and moral mind, serves as checks and balances between the polarities of anarchy and tyranny. There is the recognition that man is fallible and inspiration comes from God, who provides for the Republic if the ‘nation state’ is obedient to the laws of Nature, and Nature’s God. Authority is disseminated and layered among the people, such that tyranny is blinded, and anarchy is poisoned with reason.

This is the context of the ‘language of liberty’, the force behind the destruction of Tyranny and the subordination of ‘anarchy’ to the ‘rule of law’. Our enemy is not communism, it is the language of the oppressor, emanating ceaselessly from their universities that is the problem. All language in America is now controlled by the British Crown, and as such, they control through illusion, America.


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  1. Just a reminder that the Crown is separate from the Queen and England, wholly controlled by the money and legal interests of the CITY OF LONDON on behalf of THE EVIL HOLY SEE.

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