Learn how Prison Planet operates

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain how digital tyranny is already rolled out and is leading us to digital tyranny. What is happening in China with the social credit scoring is already in place here in the U.S. and around the world. Citizens must wake up to this madness and start rolling back technology.

Learn how Prison Planet operates – your freedom depends on it

Read these blockbuster citizen intelligence reports so you will understand the underbelly of the globalist beast, enemy to all of humanity. Then make sure to push out this report (use the url above) to your circle of influence. We need as many folks to be awake as possible in order to defeat the globalist threat to humanity.


Data Brokers, Cyber Secrecy, and Digital Fascism – YOU are the Product

SES Operative Edith Ramirez Gave Approval for Social Scoring on U.S. Citizens

ACXIOM (owned by C.I.A.-led Blackrock, controlled by Hillary) moving “data onboarding” operation from Little Rock, AR to China


The Web of Corporate Oligarchy Ensnares Them. Douglas Gabriel and John Barnwell examine the historic events that put the world on the slippery slope to total digital tyranny.


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  1. Jack Ma purchased a multi-million dollar estate on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong about 18 months ago – it has been under construction ever since and he does not live there yet. Also very heavy security – armed guards – the entire bit. Colleen Marie

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