Citizens Demand the End of the Federal Reserve and Odious Debt

In this Conclave special report from the American Intelligence Media, Douglas Gabriel gives a brief overview of the origins of money, from the earliest temple coins to the fiat currencies of the world’s central banks. If citizens are going to demand the end of ODIOUS DEBT and the Federal Reserve, we need to understand what money is…and isn’t. We need to look at the ratlines of money and the evil allure of serving MAMMON.

Once you listen to this audio, you may want to continue your citizen education about the exchanges, stock market, federal reserve, silver, gold, etc. We have included some of our block buster citizen intelligence reports just under the video frame.

Citizens demand the end of the Federal Reserve

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10 thoughts on “Citizens Demand the End of the Federal Reserve and Odious Debt”

  1. There is a “Must Watch” series of videos on YouTube
    by Mike Maloney from “GoldSilver,com”,
    it is an EXTENSIVE complete history of Money, and it’s corruption,
    also including Crypto-Currencies.

    1. I watched the entire series. It should be mandatory for all high school students, economists, and especially for folks in the financial sector. Mike presents the info in such a way that you’ll be captivated and left wanting to learn more. Parts of it will piss you off particularly when you learn how the Fed researve creates money and you learn what derivatives and fractional lending really is! The most critical tool against the globalists.

  2. Reblogged this on ASCENDENTs and commented:
    It feels like A DREAM COME TRUE..just the thought of your words reaching more and more people makes me FEEL A LOT BETTER.
    Not only due to my own suffering over not having any more because I dream of everyone will DECIDE TO LIVE IN A WORLD where the fact to have to HAVE SOME to feel good WILL GO AWAY..ONE DAY!!! +{♡}+
    Which doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to have a lot..just that it shouldn’t matter if you haven’t got.

    1. I think if each had their own plot of land and the soil, water and air were clean, money would be a more secondary issue.

      1. So true…my biggest dream is that we can once eliminate the error over its creation too…and see IT FOR WHAT IT REALLY IS: WHAT A SERIOUS ILLUSION that will never work for no ONE who wants to live a life in peace and freedom for EVERYONE…not only for himself…as that’s what it only creates:DISPARITIES!

  3. The Federal Code is Dead
    By Anna Von Reitz

    For all those who did not listen the first time. The Federal Code is dead and has been gone a long time. It’s an artifact for “historical reference”. Only a very small part of it has been actively administered since 1999 — a tiny section of The Trading With the Enemy Act.

    So you can all stop referencing Federal Code and all the Agencies can stop the sham also and the Judges can hang up their robes and stop pretending, too.

    The United States Statutes-at-Large still stand in their Unrevised form.

    The Revised U.S. Statutes-at-Large were never actually adopted, and couldn’t be, for the same reason that some States are still not States of the Union 150 years after their Statehood Declarations were published.

    All this craziness has to end and it might as well end right now.

    These things posing as governments are all corporations in the business of providing government services, just like Burger King, Inc. is in the business of providing burgers and fries.

    So what happens when they go bankrupt?

    Imagine that Sears, Inc., goes bankrupt and J.C. PENNY receives all their assets as a result. For its own reasons, J.C. PENNY executives decide to “retain the Sears brand name”, so that everything appears to be business-as-usual at Sears, and the public is none the wiser.

    Yet a profound change has happened inside the operations of Sears — new management is in place, new corporate policies are in place, new corporate objectives are in place.

    The Federal Code was adopted first by The United States of America, Incorporated (Scottish, 1868-1907, bankruptcy settled 1953) and then adopted and enlarged upon by the United States of America (Roman Catholic Delaware Corporation, 1925-1933, bankruptcy settled 1999).

    The new kids on deck in 1946, the UNITED STATES, INC., didn’t adopt the Federal Code and has instead operated using only a tiny part of The Trading With the Enemy Act, which it had to retain in order to claim that their own activities here were legal.

    That means that as of 1999, the entire Federal Code except for that tiny portion of The Trading With The Enemy Act, went out the window.

    Well, we all know what to think about that.

    As it is unlawful for any corporation to engage in unlawful activity and becomes subject to liquidation if they do engage in unlawful activity, it doesn’t really matter if what they did was “legal” or not.

    These corporations have engaged in vast fraud, racketeering, false imprisonment, prisons for profit, false claims in commerce, impersonation, barratry, embezzlement, kidnapping, press-ganging, conspiracy against the Constitution owed this country, extortion, inland piracy—– the list goes on.

    The men in charge of these renegade corporations are also criminals, indeed, they are criminal master-minds, who have operated in secrecy to defraud and prey upon the public in this country and many other countries, too.

    Those responsible are not owed any protection in bankruptcy or benefit of the corporate veil. They are crime syndicates operating in concert with other criminal corporations like the Carlyle Group and Lockheed-Martin.

    The IRS has to end, the USAG has to come clean and release the names of all Americans claiming their State National political status—and this country has to get back on track regardless of the sins of the Hired Help.

    The sooner, the better.


    See this article and over 1400 others on Anna’s website here:

  4. no talk of HJR 192 and trading with the enemies act. This is the key.. The federal reserve note is not fiat, by decree. The con is on these presenters who call themselves experts. …the FRN is not created out of thin air. . FNRs are “backed” by bonds created by a taxable event called the birth certificate bond. The Federal Reserve Note is not an empty piece of Monopoly Money. Your grandfathers traded their Gold for not an empty piece of paper as the good but ignorant experts in this video pro-port but by the Federal Reserve’s issuance of credit to your grandfathers’ for the gold he gladly gave the Fed on March 9, 1933 at the nose of a
    Gun called the abrogation of the gold
    clause. . In this video there is no talk of the term “NOTE”. as written on the the so called dollar bill aka Federal Reserve Note. The FRN is a promise to pay. But since the Fed has no gold, the FED can only issue credit to the American-people. (perhaps not to the citizen who is the enemy of the state per 1933 trading with the enemies act, which made all US citizens enemies of the state.) Americans of the several states are different than US citizens who hane no rights to
    claim anything. US citizen is a legal fiction and a
    judicially and legislatively created “entity” a dead man, called a. “decedent” by the admiralty courts but really we could simply. all a citizen a straw man who votes and does business for the real lining man the one who goes to jail

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