WAYMO driverless trucks and cars usher in age of digital tyranny

waymo meme 1a

AIM Patriots Chris writes:

This WAYMO launch terrifies me.  I feel like this is going to be their way to create a missles out of cars, and it will be very easy to assassinate people with a 30-40k vehicle. So if you are a threat that someone is willing to spend 40k to git rid of, they just send a WAYMO vehicle to ‘glitch’ on a 1 lane highway and hit you in a head on collision.
I don’t know if I am going to be able to drive any more with this fear. I don’t want a WAYMO car on the same road with me. It’s an enormous risk to everyone while the deepstate still lives, while google still lives. I don’t know how else to put it.
How do we fight this?  Should we all just give up and die? How do we live in the future, when we find ourselves surrounded by WAYMO vehicles more and more
WAYMO is going to be used for surveillance. Why install expensive cameras, when you have 4-5 cameras in 360 degrees that are provisional, ad hoc and mobile….
WAYMO is going to be used as a dynamic mesh visual and electromagnetic surveillance system
It’s going to be used as an intimidation system  (stalking)
It’s going to be used for assassinations (Oops our algorithm failed….only one goof out of ten million so that’s an acceptable loss.)
It’s going to be used for crowdstriking (running over crowds) and domestic terrorism…they will blame this on Pakistani / Chinese / Russian hackers
It’s going to be used for attacking police by driving them into police stations and killing policemen, which will then be used to add more security intrusion apps (backdoors) into our devices….”we need to stop the hackers….which are using your home routers and iphones”
How on Earth do we stop this WAYMO stuff?
They already forcibly and without my consent, put a smart meter on my cabin.  I’ve already used 20 layers of aluminum foil stacked and then wrapped.  I know it works as a faraday cage and signal blocker because they peeled it back to read the meter!  LOL


Waymo meme 2


waymo truck meme 1

What is a QRS-11? — Just a little tracking unit that is controlled by Hillary Clinton that is in all of these driverless vehicles. If not exactly like the QRS-11, there is a version of it inside the driving mechanism. Oops, that head-on collision was just an accident.

How Hillary Crashes Cars and Planes

Hop in. Bring the whole family. Doors lock and Waymo speeds away to its destination…not yours. And you can’t get out. Where is it taking you? Well, your Dragonfly social media score isn’t looking good…so this trip is to the FEMA re-education camp. Hold on. The doors are locked and you and your family can’t get out.

Ready to give up your personal liberties for the next evil Google-Alphabet product?

Waymo twilight zone

4 thoughts on “WAYMO driverless trucks and cars usher in age of digital tyranny”

  1. The traitor stated many times he supported a “New World Order”, so good riddance. Now to try, convict, and hang the remaining traitors.


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