Does President Trump Know the Queen Spies on him 10,000 Times* More Than the Russians?

Newly uncovered SECRET British War Cabinet Minutes: The Brits combined wireless networks (Marconi), propaganda (Disinformation) and psychiatry (Tavistock) to mass brainwash the public to accept continuous war

British and American banker warlords financed the munitions on both sides and totally manipulated the outcomes, including computer networks for (MI6, MI5, GCHQ, MOD, NSA, C.I.A., FBI, DoD, NASA, Lockheed, Boeing, U.S. Federal Government (SERCO), Navy Space Wars…)

Proof discovered in SECRET records: The Brits even targeted their propaganda on American soldiers & the British public in World Wars I and II

Who “won?” Only the bankers and complicit political and commercial insiders.

No wonder Comey and Mueller love HSBC Bank (London) so much.

100 Years of British Propaganda and War is ENOUGH!!


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Jan. 05, 2019—THE GREAT INFORMATION WAR has been going on since 1914 and is being won by the British who have been propagandizing the world with stolen technology and false narratives so that the world is constantly at war while the royals and banksters continue to make money.

Pictured are just a few of the British Ministry of Information War Cabinet in WWI (1914-1919) who created this 100-year old propaganda war. It is time to finally end it. Now. You can Google these criminals. There is a lot of historical information published about each of them.

*10,000 is metaphorical. No one knows the exact number, but here’s proof that the U.S. and British have exchanged ALL or almost all intelligence since Mar. 05, 1946 with Britain and its Commonwealth Dominions (also attached)—this includes ALL the data on C.I.A.-controlled social media (Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, etc.)

Spread the word and educate and enlighten your circle of influence:

Full story[VIDEO]:

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