One thought on “World history has been a huge lie.”

  1. Hi, Thomas and Betsy

    Thank you so much for your exemplary channel your time and efforts is so appreciated. AIM adds loads of value to my life with truthful educational information in an entertaining manner. Many times, Thomas has had me in stitches of laughter but he has a mind as SHARP as a razor, very impressive! Also, Betsy is the best(y)!!

    The other reason, for my email is I have just listened to Abel Danger 1-17-2019 and his guest MARK STEELE was talking about 5G and he is mind-blowing and it’s evident he is an enlightened being. Mark, is also fighting this Evil cabal.

    Your subscribers are of a level which I think would appreciate his talk on 5G as much as I did and he needs our support and prayers. Field McConnell and Gobsmack are great truthers too, as you know!

    Thank you for the reply to my comment this week on which you offered me cheesecake and latte, I took it as a badge of honour! I was surprised you saw my comment as many times they are shadow banned, likes removed and put in spam files! Therefore, I have sent this by email which hopefully you will see to read.

    It’s great to be alive in these times to see EVIL put where it belongs, undercontrol, as future generations are relying on us!!

    Many, many thanks.


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