Time to Use Holman Rule to Get Rid of Senior Executive Service Operatives in U. S. Government

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After reading our recent blockbuster report on Senior Executive Service’s recruiting efforts, you will be ready to alert your circle of influence on the dangers of allowing this rogue faction of bureaucrat mercenaries to continue attacking America inside its government. Here is the report if you missed it:

Senior Executive Service: Shadow Government Operatives Destroying America from Within

If the current shutdown efforts do not start eliminating these people out of our government, can Trump take actions?

Can Trump reduce their fat-rat salaries of SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE operatives to $1 a year?

This article of March 2018 (below) reminds us that there are more ways than one to rid the government of this stay-behind army that works to undermine the will of the people.

After reading about this, make sure to show your congressional representatives and the White House that you support legal method necessary to take out this federal army of globalist puppets.

House GOP Renews ‘Holman Rule’ Targeting Federal Pay

Be an informed citizen. Be an activated and engaged citizen.

Contact any Congress person here.

Contact White House here.

10 thoughts on “Time to Use Holman Rule to Get Rid of Senior Executive Service Operatives in U. S. Government”

  1. I heard that after 30 days of being shut down, when you do come back you have to sign some type of allegiance to America. Have you heard that most of the 800,000 governmental workers use their time and efforts to go against the President or slow down Trumps actions?

    1. Yes! just look and see who are the ones complaining right now? It’s the unions pushing the employees once again to do the Union Presidents/NTEU, SES Directors and Managers dirty foot work. The unions and their attorneys are the ones filing the federal law suits for the employees. They are trying to once again blame “low-level” employees like they did with the Tea Party to take the focus off Obama, Shumer, Lerner and the agency itself. That might happen at the senior official’s agency, but it doesn’t mean it the same way at all agencys.

      What if the unions call in all their pet- employees and turn around letting them off for hardship so they can collect unemployment? That would protect them from the 30 day RIF wouldn’t it?

  2. I think we need to use all things possible to remove the shadow govt.
    They are trying to take over n make us a socialist commie nation like other countries

  3. Hell yes, use the holman rule !
    Also, I don’t hear the call to action loud enough !
    That call should be to ALL BABY BOOMERS
    We are the last people in this country that remember patriotism, we said the pledge of allegiance. We need to get busy before this ruins our republic !
    Start blogs, call and write all senators, rally other boomers !

    1. We forwarded this to our “man in Washington” Christopher Strunk to explain what we are looking at .. He will tell us where this is in the legislative process and we will be sure to post on TNH. Great lead!

  4. It was in effect for the entirety of the Republican-controlled 115th Congress and several amendments were proposed that progressed to a vote of the full House, but none were adopted. The rule was rescinded once more at the beginning of the 116th Congress upon Democrats taking control of the chamber.

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