5G and Cell Tower Protests Worldwide

People around the world understand the dangers of 5G, but you will not see these protests televised on fake FOX NEWS, still a propaganda network owned and operated by globalists to keep patriots from knowing the full truth. Why hasn’t Fox covered the 5g issue?

Oh…that’s right, we are being lulled to sleep so that these harmful weapons can be rolled out in our communities without too much protest until the globalist warlords are ready to turn on the kill switch. Don’t these talking head idiots at Fox realize that all humans, including them and their children, will suffer the same fate as all the rest of us. That’s why we say they are IDIOTS who only know how to read globalist bullscript from AVID ISIS Management prompters.

Why is it that Brussels, City of London, Rome, and Palm Beach County, Florida ban the use of 5G? The elite toast while the people roast.

5G & Cell Tower Protests Worldwide.


5g death

5g banner from SOTN.JPG

“5G is so dangerous and unsafe
and harmful to human life,
people will be dropping like flies
and not know why!” Read more


Brussels…now Rome opposes 5G. What do the EU globalists and Pope know that they don’t want humanity to know?


Minneapolis and Chicago

5G Transmitters Have Been Turned ‘ON’ in Two US Cities


Why does all of this matter and why you need to start protesting 5G rollout in your community. Carl Sagan on the uniqueness of Earth We want to roll out an UNTESTED technology like 5G on the planet when this is our only HOME!!??

Better than a deadly virus is 5G….so is Prince Philip getting his wish to cull the population?


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