Globalist Propagandist Interviews Trump

Did you watch the Trump interview with Steve Hilton of Fox News? Who at Fox thought it was a good idea to have a BRIT at this time in American history interview the president?

Just check Steve Hilton’s Deep-State – UK resume.

The resumes always tell us what ‘team’ these folks are on, patriots. Hilton is a globalist who works at the propaganda channel Fox News. He is a globalist propagandist. Comes straight from the UK government into Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (CIA spy school). Hilton was former director of strategy for David Cameron.

He is co-founder and former CEO of, a Silicon Valley technology start-up, that is a partisan for-profit website whose purpose is to help unknown Democrats and independent political outsiders raise money and run for office, and to track political data from across the United States”. Check out here. Are you feeling George Soros all over this? Crowdpac. Crowdsource. Crowdstrike.

rachel wetstone.JPG
Steve’s British wife Rachel Whetstone

And the best…”Hilton is married to Rachel Whetstone, a British national and former aide (political secretary) to Michael Howard, former head of communications at Google, and former senior vice-president of policy and communications of Uber. The couple were godparents to David Cameron’s son, Ivan, who died at the age of six.”

The Next REVOLUTION w/ Steve Hilton | Breaking News May 19, 2019

Steve Hilton has an agenda, patriots. And it is not pro-America. He is another wolf in sheep’s clothing which could be anything from a foreign agent who forgot to register as such or a CIA-Gina Haspel operative still trying to overthrow Trump.

Reminds us of two other Fox News propagandists:

Sara Carter and John Solomon – Mockingbird Propagandists



5 thoughts on “Globalist Propagandist Interviews Trump”

  1. AIM Cats.. Thanks for the spotlight illuminating the globalists Illuminati… God Bless 🙏❣️😇 Kwan Yin

    1. Make sure to educate and enlighten your circle of influence and ask them to do the same. We have a world full of people still asleep to truth. Blessings, patriot.

  2. Yes, I am fully cognizant that I am belaboring the obvious, but calling these folks “whores” is a vicious slander of all bona fide prostitutes. Many, many thanks to all the “kitties!”

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