Redpills for your audience

MEME GUERRILLAS continue to fight on. Scrape and share any of these memes with your circle of influence and make sure your audience knows the truth about two internet shills, posing as patriots.


Drudge is still a site we check daily to see what the corporate shills want us to believe….then we look the other way. Matt Drudge is a corporate shill and truth warriors spit on his daily report as a propaganda aggregator site that sends its readers to other propaganda sites.

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Speaking of shills, we were so disappointed to see Bill Still “out” himself as a corporate shill. We expected as much since all of his reports are typically a few weeks old for newsworthiness. He has been in the alt media scene for quite sometime, after having a successful career as an investigative journalist, so we always gave him the benefit of our doubts. See Bill’s bio here.

But now it turns out that he is cut from the same cloth as Lionel on Lionel Nation, put into the internet long ago by their paymasters, leading us to believe that they are trustworthy until the day their paymasters require them to push a narrative on truth warriors that we know to be FALSE. Where or where did Lionel put his interviews with Douglas on wetworks? All removed….after Douglas talked to Lionel about Senior Executive Service on a show that was not aired by Lionel the Funny Propagandist.

lionel propagandist
Lionel, why did you remove the video interviews with Douglas about wetworks? Did your paymasters require that you remove these very popular videos? 

Bill just uploaded this video: Justice Ginsburg – Proof of Life. We were excited to see what this seasoned investigative reporter found, especially since the last so-called public sighting of the alleged dead justice turned out to be doctored and was published in its fake format by the main stream media. See fake Ruth Ginsburg video here.

We placed two comments to Bill on under the YT, but he took them both down. So now we call on truth warriors to call him out for sloppy reporting and pushing propaganda.

Go to his site and leave your note. Ask him where PROOF OF LIFE is given in his misleading video title.

Bill offered NO proof of life. Instead, he did the typical propaganda stuff by quoting reporters who lie, then spin a fake narrative all around, knowing that the low information news consumer will think Ruth is alive.

Whoa! The Supreme Court is really knocking itself out with this Ruth Bader Ginsburg HOAX. Keep pounding the Supreme Court and shills like Bill for the TRUTH about her medical condition. By continuing this hoax, the Supreme Court justices are continuing their treason actions against the United States.

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We are fighting the Great Information War and YOU, not Bill the Shill or Lionel the Entertainer, are information warriors.



5 thoughts on “Redpills for your audience”

  1. I have stopped any reading or listening to anyone except y’all , Thomas and Betsy ! I’m sick of the whole lot of these (mis)information cowards. Keep it up! So far I have called the White House and my representatives many times! Thank you for what you have and continue to do! Donna…a red pilled Southern boomer

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  2. Yeah…you left out Alex Jones in this article. The biggest clue that he is also a shill is that he has never once mentioned any information presented by Betsy and Thomas.

    When I found Betsy and Thomas’s YT channel, I completely stopped listening to the jerks named above. They were boring as hell anyway.

    1. We have already busted AJ for being a shill….long time ago. We have also outed the following shills and propagandists and SES operatives: SGT Report, John Solomon and Sara Carter, X22 Report, Austin-Fitts, Dark Journalist, so many more, even one of our used-to-be favorites – State of the Nation 2012 and the Millennium report have turned to the dark side. Then the corporate propaganda media from Fox News to CNN is all propaganda. So many more….

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