Join Us for Betsy Ross Saturdays

Here is a picture sent to us by an AIM Patriot who ran into two other ‘Stand Up for Betsy Ross’ patriots this weekend. They don’t know each other, but were thrilled to spot some kindred spirits in this crazy world. This is an information war. These are information warriors, spreading the good word, the GOSPEL OF TRUTH, in their community.

aim Patriots Betsy Ross.jpeg

How can you show support of this world-wide movement to bring REAL peace and prosperity to our planet by overthrowing the same old enemy we have all been fighting for centuries – the evil British Empire?

Patriots, we are redpilling Rush Limbaugh because he still hasn’t figured out where all of his Betsy Ross t-shirt sales are coming from. At some point, he will wake up, too. Wink.

Let’s all help him because he has a huge patriot audience around the world! Yes, we confess. We are using Jesuit infiltration tactics (smile) to snag a greater market share of patriots that can help us educate and enlighten others. It’s a patriot recruiting effort.

betsy ross flagEVERY SATURDAY:Make it a point to wear your Betsy Ross shirt in public on Saturdays, wherever your country is. Show our world wide solidarity.

We are the silent majority. We love God, country, family, and especially the babies. We stand united in our peaceful practice of obstructing all advances of globalism in our nations.

Spread the word. Organize. Save the world.

Put your order in today and keep blowing Rush Limbaugh’s mind. Make sure your friends and family are on board, too. All the proceeds go to charity, unlike other websites offering similar products, so it’s like having Rush do all the work to get our ‘team uniforms’ distributed world-wide, while giving the profits to patriots.

BTW. When the Great Info War has been won, we are all meeting at the Trump Hotel in D.C. for a Conclave-sponsored cappuccino and cheesecake victory celebration.

Attire: Your Betsy Ross gear. 

Betsy Ross tshirt.

betsy_ross_flag_web garrison


i am with betsy ross


betsy ross with AIM logo giorgio


with betsy ross


BETSY Ross AND THOMAS giogio no logo




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