Socialism OK to Eat the Babies

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AOC Supporter wants to EAT BABIES


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What we liked about the information warrior who infiltrated the AOC speech to scream out the “eating babies” rhetoric is that:

  1. she took her message to a room full of actual people,
  2. she had the camera ready (looks like two were engaged) so that a video could be taken of her reaction and AOCs
  3. the video was immediately uploaded and scaled globally
  4. the message was “biting” (remember this is an information war, not a tv reality show – be pithy and punchy)
  5. no harm to humans or animals was caused in its production.


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AIM Patriot Giorgio knows this is an information war and whipped up this image lickety-split for all y’all to shoot through your networks. Bombs away!

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These info warriors (article links below) took their protests to a ‘Harris town hall’ and a ‘Warren walk through an airport’ and stood up for freedom! Think you and your spouse can make it to an event like this and be an info warrior?

Kamala Harris asks Nevada town hall audience if America is ‘ready’ for her presidency – only for the crowd to shout ‘NO!’ in embarrassing campaign blunder


Warren Surrounded in Reno Airport by Trump Supporters Shouting ‘Stop the Impeachment’


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Join Betsy’s team. Be a part of the truth revolution.


Patriot #1: Do democrats eat babies? They have not denied it. They have not been exonerated.

Patriot #2: A source familiar with AOC’s thinking said she’s strongly in favor of it

Patriot #3: I heard (through the grapevine) that this new meat-free ‘Impossible Burger’ comes from Planned Parenthood.

Patriot #4: The Democrat platform is actually a human cook book.


Predictive programming?

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save the babies trump


Today’s featured image reminds folks that AIM Cats love precious human babies. Make sure to download or order Douglas’ book on how to educate the Wisdom Children coming in to our world today.

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For those on a tight budget, please save and share this free PDF version. Eternal Curriculum for Wisdom Children

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4 thoughts on “Socialism OK to Eat the Babies”

  1. Seems clear to me that the young woman who riveted the town hall and the rest of the world with her cries of “we must eat the babies” presented a brilliant troll performance.
    She indirectly dramatised the emerging reality that these people DO eat babies! They kill babies – they drink their blood. They sell their body parts . Fantastic theatre. Outdid Greta, imo.

    SO – what I think we need more of is red-pilled trolls showing up at these sorts of events with prominent new world order celebrities..

    Can someone shout “We MUST call downLucifer to help us rid the world of Christianity, make the churches into brothels for the Muslims – Christianity is the world’s darkest evil – it warps children … Christians are totally expendable. What we need are more social justice warriors, not Christians. More Antifa. We need to create more death for those in our way.

    God is an evil joke- we must eliminate God. We must crucify Christ once and for all. We need Moloch – wee must appease him with baby sacrifices- we need Satan – we must adore Lucifer – the REAL God.”

    Something like that – I’m no script or speech writer, and the performance would need to be crafted by a master dramatist. But if dramatised in just the right ridiculous horrifying way, the true aims of these reptiles will be highlighted.

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