Did Nancy Pelosi Just Call For Trump’s Assassination?

nancy bullet bracelet.JPG

The 3:40 minute mark is very disturbing. Is Nancy giving a nod to the Deep State to assassinate Trump? She wore an orange bracelet when she indicated that they would not be pursuing Trump’s impeachment, giving special attention to a bullet on her bracelet – made of spent brass.

Pelosi and Schiff give update on impeachment inquiry



8 thoughts on “Did Nancy Pelosi Just Call For Trump’s Assassination?”

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    The Frog Princess Pelosi and her mafia ilk have wanted to assassinate POTUS Trump since before he entered office. He is a threat to the Central Bankers, the corrupt politicos and bureaucrats who dip into foreign and domestic funds for their own benefit, and is defeating the aims of the globalist elites who want to remake America in the image of a third-world country. Of course, she wants him assassinated. It would save her the trouble of taking a vote on the House floor and actually going on the record. She and all her fellow criminals should be impeached and removed from Congress pronto. Pray for Trump, 17th Oct in Dallas TX

      1. Take that up with your Congressperson… She will get unseated, anyway, in the next election unless the Democrats utilize voter fraud.

  2. I know timing is important but the arrests can’t happen quick enough. These globalist maggots need to face Military Tribunals for Crimes against The President of the United States and the American people.They are desperate, they see the next Red Tsunami in the future. God Bless President Trump and his family.

  3. Nancy is the Queen of evil,well she might have to share the title with Hillary.

  4. (CNN) Communist News Network,just having fun selling the truth.
    or you could say CNN CIA News Network., that might be truer. Does CIA run CNN
    they were running a Billion+ dollar op, oh that Brennan leader in charge he will be pointing his finger at Obama saying he made me do it. what a bunch of thieves in Obama administration traitors all They were all corrupt.Need to audit all these crooks follow the money.Audit congress and their families. We keep this up maybe cut debt in half Ha,Ha.Go take em to Gitmo President Trump.God go with you.

  5. She sure did! Four times in her nasty comments regarding Trump she was incinuating Trump’s Assassimation!!!

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