Walter Cronkite Was a Pilgrim



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Click to access 2019-09-19-Pilgrims-Society-Membership-List-(1902-ca-2012)-compiled-by-Arlene-FreeLists-org-accessed-Sep-19-2019.pdf

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Click to access 2017-PILGRIMS-SOCIETY-US-British-Historical-Membership-List-includes-Biographies-and-Sources-2548-pgs-per-Name-by-Joel-van-der-Reijden-ISGP-last-updated-2017.pdf


pilgrims target.

The AIM target is the Pilgrims Society. Don’t let the PROPAGANDA MEDIA distract you with low hanging fruit like CNN, Jeff Zucker, Fox News, blaa blaa blaa. It’s ok “news” for people who aren’t as informed as you, but YOU know all this stuff. For YOU these storylines are nothing more than spin zones.

We are fighting the Great Information War. We need frontline patriots who are willing to strike the head of the beast and remove it from the face of the Earth.

Stay focused. Does anyone here happen to have a spear we can use for the job? (Wink)

AIM with target


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What the hell is the U.S. military doing about this foreign-lead overthrow of our President and U.S. Constitution?

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What are YOU doing about this, patriot?

Are you contacting your elected representatives – daily? Are you attending their townhalls and gatherings to ask the deep questions that the media refuses to ask?

Why are Crown Agents (Senior Executive Service and SERCO) running our government and military-industrial operations. Why is FIVE EYES spying on Americans?


Learn all about the Pilgrims by reading the comprehensive article under the headline link below:

UK-US Pilgrims Society Controls the SES – U.S. Deep State


Links to Pilgrims Society membership lists have been updated.

When you spot a Pilgrim whose name needs to be called out because it helps connect today’s current crimes to those criminals of the past, send them in and we will TAKE AIM. This way we bring a collective consciousness onto a person through our network. Naming everyone in the book, all at once, doesn’t teach the deeper lessons.

Under one of our YouTube videos, we found a person who was listening to us discuss fake news, propaganda, and the Pilgrims. He got curious and looked up Walter Cronkite’s name on the list. It helped him understand how deeply he had been brainwashed by the media since he was a little boy.



The True Meaning of Patriotism

2 thoughts on “Walter Cronkite Was a Pilgrim”

  1. what we are seeing here on earth is the physical manifestation playing out in the universe
    in different dimensions may i add,,it is said that we need to raise our vibration as much we can
    there are forces that want us out of the way,,,they are very ,very dark,,,the light on the planet is still too low at this time
    many of the so called humans are not what they look like,,,,,,,fear anger pain etc, is food for the dark,,they need that
    to live,,,,

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