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Shoving off of the YouTube Island for now so you won’t see anymore AIM video or audio posts for the foreseeable future. In the audio below Michael McKibben and the Gabriels step out of their Conclave meeting to update AIM Patriots on what is going on at Google-YouTube.

james chandler


Michael refers to the original terms of service in this PDF:.

Click to access 2002-08-29-Common-Public-License-Version-0-5-IBM-Eclipse-Foundation-accessed-Jun-24-2015-Aug-29-2002.pdf


17 thoughts on “AIM SAYS GOOD BYE YOUTUBE”

  1. When #GoogleGestapo purchased You Tube years ago I knew the end was near. Anyone who has not at least backed up or fully migrated from You Tube to Bitchute and from Twitter, part of the deep state fascist media, to Gab is a fool. The Nazis won WWII and it was with the U.S. and the U.K. that a fascist one world government was put in place after WWII. It has largely taken over mist of the world. The Dulles brothers, Prescott Bush, Henry Ford, and many others of that era were fascists and liked Hitler’s merging of corporate and state power. Joeseph Farrell, Ph.D. has impeccable research to back up his hypothesis that the Nazis set up a secret international financial system and other off the public books functions of military, research and development, and covert ops.

    1. Ye, we have had our backup plans for several years now. Our community will continue to be served with truth news and education. BTW we do not recommend Joseph Farrell as a truth source. Filled with disinformation.

      1. Not going to battle it out here. Watch and listen to anyone you like, but if you leave a name in the comment boxes of a media or internet personality that we do not follow or in our opinion is controlled opp, limited hangout, disinfo, or just dumb, we call it out. We can do this becasue this is our site and you left the recommendation that we want to clarify for the rest of the community.

  2. I have followed every video of AIM since 2017. I love you folks. This is a sad development, and makes me angry that our do nothing AG is allowing this heist of our free speech, the ongoing theft of McKibbons intellectual property. I feel saddened and disgusted by the lawlessness of our congress…theres so much to list here.

    I downloaded the Aim app a while back and I receive your cat reports.

    May I ask, have you considered an app on Roku? Headlines with a voice did, and can watch her short reports on my roku. Please consider this.

    I’m out here on the very west coast of Washington state….have listened intently to your reports. Again…will miss accessing you on youtube…but will continuing following wherever I can.


    Get Outlook for Android


    1. We are so sorry that we missed your first comment. Now that it is approved, you will not have to wait again. Your post will be immediate. Thank you.

  3. RE: Goodbye to You Tube.
    I will not retreat nor surrender this battlefield to the enemy. They will have to eliminate 7seven7. This recent episode is but another threat to get creators to police themselves and their content. Directed specifically at us, those who dare to speak truth to power. Yes they may delete one’s channel. So be it. However what makes you believe that this battle will not follow you wherever you choose to go from here. Stay and fight Patriots, one must understand that being booted from You Tube will have a much more effect on the moral and the outcome of this war, than one tucking tail and running away. You Tube is where the information battlefield is. Buy some jump drives and back up your ammo but don’t give up the fight!

    1. We are not happy with this either, Ron, but want to preserve the content that we have already posted on YT. Many of the videos/audios still have relevant content even if a viewer sees it months after we posted. We have other ways to deliver content to you – but it will never be like the old version of YT! The new terms of agreement were too restrictive and invasive for us.

  4. It would seem there is a some tolerance to things in opposition because of the confidence in security, and the public acceptance of what is on the media.
    There are so few who want to know, it is safe to let some things leak out.

  5. Your last video on YT seemed like a good bye or a holiday break. After a month I did a thorough search and see you are on vimeo. You could have posted one more video telling us you were leaving.

    1. We have been leaving messages in the comment boxes of anyone from YT that asks us. The new terms of service are really bad and we didn’t want to upload anymore videos under these terms. We hope to leave our YT channel intact so that videos we have done in the past will be preserved. Our Cat Report is our primary site and we have kept the community up to date. Also, you can find any recent videos on this page:

      Thank you for taking the time to leave this message. So glad that you are back with us. If you subscribe to this channel, you will always receive an email of the contents of our reports, which includes any videos we do.

      1. Yea, I did it backwards. I watched every video on YT and just left the video tab of your site in an open tab in firefox. I would refresh the page daily and watch new videos then went to the links for more info. I like listening while I get ready for or do work around my place. Thanks for the site and glad you didn’t stop. I was thinking maybe you didn’t like the new format you started and gave up on video..

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