6 thoughts on “#Cult45”

  1. Education:
    The Key, make learning fun, inexpensive, fast and rewarding.
    The How, gaming.
    The Tool, Internet and gaming console.
    As parents of children, I believe that if we have been paying attention to our child’s activities, specifically when they are playing on their game boxes, of how incredibly fast they are able to learn the game. These games have reached considerable complexity that they navigate at such an extreme rate that is astonishing. To incorporate that into the education environment is a must.

    We must also recognize the importance of continuing education. As our society is now advancing in multiple powers of ten, in order to keep up with these advances everyone should be educating themselves just to keep up with these advances. With the same key as above.

    As we develop further into robotics and time saving devices the trend has been a significant loss for the need of human labor force, the free energy that you’ve spoke to is just another example how this will in the long term will reduce the need for many forms of human labor. Into education, is in my opinion where we should move our focus for jobs of the future.

    We already now are experiencing the effects of poor education, not in just how we rate as a country, also by looking at our society as a whole. The lack of gainful employment, the size of our prison population, our health and health care system, as just a few examples of the many.


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