U. S. Department of Indoctrination Headed by doNothing Betsy deVos

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The U.S. Department of Indoctrination is headed by doNothing Betsy deVos, globalist in charge of making sure your children continue to receive their daily dose of Pilgrims Society propaganda through their propaganda textbooks. She’s in place to make sure no real changes are made so that our wee citizens can continue to be brainwashed and confused about America, the Constitution, their sexuality, pronouns, and their purpose in life.

Betsy deVos is a doNothing globalist in charge of indoctrinating our children all across America. Let us know when Common Crap Curriculum has been totally dismantled, Chicago math thrown in the garbage heap, and education vouchers given to to parents to decide the best way to teach their children – from homeschooling, private, charter, vocational.

We don’t need the federal government to be in charge of educating our children. We especially don’t need globalists like deVos running the department of indoctrination!

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Why is the federal government, run by Senior Executive Service enemy operatives, dictating our children’s education? Why is the federal government supporting and paying for outright Tavistock-Frankfurt school indoctrination in our schools? How come Betsy deVos is doing NOTHING to stop it? Patriots, we must get the federal government OUT of education as soon as possible.

Why are American taxpayers paying for their children to be indoctrinated by foreign anti-American actors?



Government-Run Education System is Government-Sponsored Indoctrination

“The only purpose of the present-day education system is indoctrination. The increasingly progressive leftist agenda is sweeping through academia and conservatives are just passively watching it happen. The main indoctrination stories you hear are about those of radical professors on college campuses, pushing outlandish majors created only to forward social justice movements, and, on a rare occasion, a political outburst by a high school teacher….

….It has taken the students themselves recording, posting, and promoting the shocking and disappointing behavior of their teachers to get the media to begin turning their cameras on high school campuses. The increasing media attention on high school teachers is great, and certainly a large step in the right direction when it comes to the reformation of academia. However, it still appears as though the general consensus is indoctrination is rooted in the teachers.”


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How China Is Using Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms. This is INDOCTRINATION in its most evil and insidious form. If we don’t start yelling and screaming, Secretary of Education doNothing Betsy deVos might hand out grants and funding for her globalist Pilgrims Society friends to put this in your neighborhood schools. Be on guard and make sure you raise hell at your school board if you get wind that this is happening in your school. Hat tip to Diana for this glass bead.


Click headline link below to see deVos’ vast globalist financial holdings.

U.S. Department of Education is headed by a PILGRIMS SOCIETY GLOBALIST

They sneak their cultural Marxist b.s. into the school curriculum. In the image below, you will see how they put a piece of propaganda inside one of their propaganda outlets the Daily Mirror. They give the ‘fake news’ traction by having other fake news outlets report on the original lie. Then, before you know it, we have TranSanta. Don’t believe us….well, we bet you never even thought of drag queens reading to toddlers in public libraries until recently.

They start in the public libraries and then nudge their way into public schools. Soon, if we don’t stand up and say NO MORE, open-crotched drag queens and pedophiles will be teaching 4th grade.

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Betsy deVos is still doing nothing at the U.S. Department of Education to dismantle this globalist indoctrination going on in our public schools. She, herself is a billionaire globalist, put in place to keep the public school indoctrination program, along with the Pilgrims Society propaganda textbooks, as undisturbed as possible until they can get President Trump out of office.

Remember this promise in 2017?

Trump to pull feds out of K-12 education

Well…nothing has happened because getting the feds out of K- 12 education would end their national dominance in brainwashing our children with their cultural Marxism. Globalist billionaire Betsy deVos is in place as Secretary of Education to make sure NOTHING HAPPENS. Trump may or may not be aware of her doNothing agenda – hard to tell at this point.

Her doNothing agenda means that millions of children in our public schools continue to be indoctrinated with the Frankfurt School, cultural Marxists, Tavistock propaganda and brainwashing. Betsy deVos is maintaining the globalist indoctrination status quo, hoping that her boss isn’t paying attention to her doNothing agenda.

Start attending your local school board meetings and demand that this evil indoctrination of your children be halted. If you don’t speak up, your silence supports their brainwashing agenda.

Bottom line: The U.S. Department of Education is headed by a BILLIONAIRE GLOBALIST.

Your children’s education is NOT her top concern or interest. In fact, Betsy has never been an education professional and is clueless about the difference between indoctrination and education.

Her concerns are her globalist investments – so you can bet that she will continue the Pilgrims Society indoctrination in public schools across America.

Who recommended to Trump that doNothing Betsy deVos head the U.S. Department of Education?

One thought on “U. S. Department of Indoctrination Headed by doNothing Betsy deVos”

  1. Continuing on Education and Energy.
    As with any change to society, when a significant part of the economic machine, such as the education system, energy system, are dependent upon these systems for their subsistenance as well as economics, radical changes must be dealt with extreme care and forethought. To release new technologies that eliminates the need for a workforce such as the free energy would do to the petroleum based employment, would disrupt many lives.
    Let’s be honest, there are one hundred million people out of the workforce now, and the prospects for finding gainful employment declining at a rapid pace. There are many contributing factors to this, by far the largest being time and cost saving technological advances that eliminate the need for human workforce. In every field now we see these advances being implemented at breakneck speeds with little thought devoted to the displacement of the human leaving behind a trail of hardships, waste of human potential, and a huge portion of society without means to earn a living, or even to keep up with the cost of living. These advances have created such a labor glut wherein wages have stagnated or dropped over the past 40 years. One only need to take a good look at the real numbers and timeline them with advances in technology to get conformation.
    It is quite rewarding for the 1% at the top of the economic ladder, and that 1% are also those who now own the upper echelons of power. It is not in their interest to change this trend. Unfortunately they are blinded by fortune and unable to see the piles of human bodies across the tracks ahead of this out of control train. A look at other countries across the world we now see the rebellions escalating. This will come to the USA soon.
    We have to come to the conclusion that this current economic system is not sustainable and will end horribly if we continue to leave the need for profit outweigh the cost to the human on the planet.
    Our identification of this is also a clue to why the 1% are so focused on depopulation, as their solution to the problem as they see us as no longer needed, aka useless eaters.
    My point being, when navigating the introduction of new technology we must address what this means for the human populace. The current direction of status quo, only ends in catastrophic consequences. There will be depopulation and those at the top will likely be the first to go if history serves as the example. This crony capatialistic economic model must be ended and a new economic system be put into place that allows for all humans to benefit from these advances. Not just the chosen few at the expense of the rest.
    I see education as being one of the keys to solving this crisis.

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