Ruth Bader Ginsburg the Deep Fake

When Ruth’s death is finally announced, citizens demand that a full autopsy be done. We want to have DNA confirmation that the body examined is Ruth’s (unlike the autopsy on Epstein where we don’t even know if it was Epstein). Then we want a legitimate medical examiner to determine date of death, cause of death . If Ruth has already been cremated, we need to know, from official crematorium records, when her body was cremated.

No one here is buying this fake news propaganda on Ruth. And we are equally incensed that the Supreme Court justices are participating in this hoax. No surprise, since Justice Roberts is responsible for FISA abuse judges, illegal spying on President Trump, and for vetting Obama as eligible to hold office as US President.

Roberts is a complete globalist scumbag.

The article offered below under the headline link is to demonstrate how upset patriots are becoming with this constant Ruth Ginsburg propaganda. We cannot verify all of the posts inside the thread. We encourage you to do your own research. Why are these deep fakes being made and posted?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Deep Fake

ruth ginsburg pictures.JPG

Was this Ruthie or her law clerks that put this stay on the subpoena? Inquiring minds want DNA proof that Ruth Ginsburg is a fully functional human being.

10 thoughts on “Ruth Bader Ginsburg the Deep Fake”

  1. Consider:
    Is everything we are being told a lie . Is everything we know wrong? Is the world being run by psychopathic criminals!

    10 Big Players rumoured DEAD so far . who’s next ?. yet some still appear as body doubles!

    For those who have taken the Red pill.

    Q. Who’s occupying the body doubles? . are they demon possessed .
    by inter dimensional negative forces?

    Who’s supplying the Body Doubles? . are they being produced by the negatives . as a prelude to the fake alien Invasion . Project Blue Beam!

    01. Bush George Snr . reported died of old age ? . reported executed by tribunal!

    02. Bush Barbara wife . reported died of old age ?

    03. Epstein . reported dead by suicide in prison . insiders rumor . now resides in Israel?

    04. Erdogan . ex Pres. Turkey . died? . details unknown . body double being used!

    05. Ginsberg . Chief Justice US . died? . body double being used for present!

    06. MCCabe .ex Senator US . reported dead from Cancer . reported executed by tribunal! .

    07. Obama . Ex Pres. US . report 1. asylum in Canada . Report 2 Executed! . take your pick!

    08. Queen Elizabeth . ex Monarch . body double . reported executed by tribunal!

    09. Soros . ex Rothschild trouble maker . not seen . a mystery . events still occur in his name ?

    10. Pelosi . ex speaker of the house US . reported executed by tribunal!

    SPIRITUS: Remember, we are immortal spiritual beings, prodigal souls, having a transitory human experience . in Beloveds human kindergarten . we cannot be a positive en-souled human BEing . if we are doing harm to others . rather consider . Awareness . Awakening . Understanding . Compassion . Forgiveness . Unconditional Love!

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    1. YES thereis a tribunal at GITMO-Sidney Powell is one of the prosecutors. Dozens of people have been executed dozens of politicians and Hollywood stars.


      1. In our network, statements like this are dismissed unless you have EVIDENCE to prove your speculation. If you cannot provide your source, you are not helping us find real truth…only spreading hopium.

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  2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was executed by lethal injection as was John McCain, George HW Bush for being traitors (GHW Bush was also into child trafficing, child sacrifice which he admitted-see letter put in the funeral folders of Karen Pence, Hillary Clinton and some others with is full confession) GHW Bush created all the tunnels under the WH and Capital where Stanaic rituals were held. The Military saved 100’s of children recntly who had been caged in the tunnels; they also hauled out 100’s of body bags of dead children or body parts of whomever-more horrific than you could possibly imagine! Ruth is no hero-ruled AGAINST the Contitution all the time when it was her duty to UPHOLD the Constitution. She legislated from the bench-very wrong! She was clearly a traitor!


    1. You are not providing SOURCE material. You show no evidence. Until such time as you can provide your source material with evidence, we will note to other readers that this is just K Hansen in lalala land….again.

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