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  1. Do you have any idea when The President is going to act on this? Our freedoms on Internet are shrinking daily! Has Michael seen the President! I write WH almost weekly and will continue to do so! Would like to know their plan going forward at least in rough draft! 🙏

  2. Have any idea when the President will act on this? The window on our freedoms is shrinking fast! Has Michael seen the President yet? I write WH on this issue almost weekly and like to know in rough draft form what the President is doing here!

  3. AWAKEN to Restoring the Rule of Universal Law (Beloved God . of Love . Law)

    Hello all American Patriots . we empathize with souls in America .
    (Video https://truthbits.blog/2019/12/12/restore-the-rule-of-law/) .

    In Australia we are similarly afflicted by the US disease (the US is not the USA) . we natural beings . sleeping children of Beloved True God of Love . have been corporatised . our country has been corporatised . we are lorded over by satanic dupes . deceitfully infiltrated into all positions of power.

    Lawyers . politicians . deceitfully run faux government . through fake opposition between Liberal – Labour parties . invisibly controlled by the hidden state . for their own benefit .

    Mind controlled by faux Religions . incorporated by Lucifer-satanists . will we wake up to techno control by world wide 5G Electro Magnetic Frequencies?.

    With th Geneva Switzerland “collider” they are trying to breach Beloved’s cordon . from their off planet host . on the planet Saturn . (their watch tower is the moon).

    The “elders of Zion” hubris is exposed on this USA website https://www.knowmorenews.org/

    Dare to take a RED PILL . see the Matrix movie . see the website http://www.Urantia.org . which details the cosmology of the Omniverse + the “Lucifer Rebellion” .
    (the writer rates a mention on page 1657 . of the Urantia book . physician “Elman”)

    Know that . in Earth Time . the “Lucifer rebellion” is long over . with Lucifer being dealt with . the chaotic . mindless nonsense being played out on Earth . is just a wind down of the residue of negative energy . therefrom.

    Following the demise of the current anti Christ . his name is for those “who have eyes to see . ears to hear” . the 1000 year long “golden” age will follow . giving souls a respite . a school holiday . from the current “Kali Yuga” .

    In essence . Earth is Beloved’s kindergarten for soul EVOLVEment . through physical INVOLVEment . temporarily interrupted aeons ago (Earth Time) .
    by the Lucifer . Satan . Ahriman . rebellion .

    This 3D planet . will come back into a natural balance . the duality of Good v Evil . Truth v Falsehood . with “Freewill” bound within “Karmic” principles.

    Beloved BE

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